Youtube Videos that Iyanla’d my Life

Hey yall!  I just wanted to come on here and make a confession that I’m is not perfect!  Wait…what?  I know I know.  I know that to like .478% of the world, I’m like EVERYTHING.  However, there are tons of things that I don’t know BUT Youtube fixed that.

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A lot of these things were having to do with beauty, hair, and how to be a girl.  I mean we know that me being “girly” is still a work in progress.  I had a friend ask me if I as ok because I started wearing dresses a few years ago.

rihanna dont try me

Luckily, I happened upon some streets up on the YoutubeS and was able to learn some stuff that I didn’t even know I needed to know.  So get into what Youtube videos were able to FIX MY LIFE!


    1. Naptural85’s 25 MINUTE CO WASH + DETANGLE

      When this video came into my life, I had been natural all of like 3.5 years but I barely did stuff to my hair when it was permed so how was I supposed to do stuff to it natural…I wasn’t.  So the detangling thing…yea…that didn’t happen with me.  I just wasn’t equipped.  Right after I go sick, I had made the decision that I was going to cut it all off because of how it looked after I got out the hospital.  My linesister came and twisted me up so I wouldn’t lose my mind and then this video changed my mental mind on how to go about detangling and my hair…IT’S STILL HERE!

    2. Alissa Ashley’s HOODED EYES DOS AND DON’TS

      Hooded eyes…I HAVE HOODED EYES.  I ain’t eeeeem know.  My sister (at least one of them) has them too.  I facetimed her to check…she has them!  I always wondered why you couldn’t see like ANY of my eyes when I did eye makeup.  It was pointless.  It’s because I got P-Diddy baby boy winter coats in videos with fur lined HOODS on my eyes!  This video…it gave me hope to slay eye makeup.


    3. Toni Daley’s THE GABRIELLE WIG

      Now, I’ve worn wigs before but they were definitely wiggy…before this wig.  This wig was the beginning of my wig love.  Mind you I was obsessed with it from this video and bought it but I didn’t wear it until MONTHS later.  I never looked back after that.  I own 2 more Toni Daley wigs.  The Gabe wig is life!

What video on youtube has fixed your life?

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