Youtube is Bae – Blog Challenge Day 10

Youtube is definitely one of my favorite things.  My obsession with the site came on strong recently.  I was always on youtube but in the last two years, my interest has really skyrocketed.  I’ve been posting random stuff on the site for probably 7 or so years on a variety of channels.  And as I’ve mentioned…I’m finally gonna do it right and start my channel.  Coming soon.

However, I didn’t want to just share that youtube it one of my favorite sites.  I wanted to share what I like to watch on there and some of my favorites from these categories.  I mean you can find like anything on there, so it needed to be narrowed down right.

Daily (Or Almost Daily) Vloggers:

Yea I’m a creep that likes to watch vlogs.  But really…you’re just not cool if you can’t find one vlogger you’re into.  Come on!! Plus…cute babies are a plus a lot of the times.  #babyfever


GabeBabeTV                                          itsJudysLife

DearNaptural85                                      TheNiveNulls


When I’m not watching Auntie Fee or Shaniece washing a turkey with dawn…I watch these folk.

BenjiManTV                                            DivasCanCook

IHeartRecipes                                         DariusCooks


Well…This is just a taste.  Just getting into really watching the makeup vids but the hair vids are the truth.

Naptural85                                            AlyssaForever                                       JessicaPettway

ItsMyRayeRaye                                    MyNaturalSistas

Web Series:

THE STORIES ARE ON THE WEB!!! What we are not seeing on TV is on the web!

Dear Jesus                                          That Guy                                              Love Handles

Close Friends                                       Hello Cupid                                          FIRST



All things from How to live holistically, a sick day as a 20 something, and everything from the lowbrow to the highbrow as long as your eyebrows are ON FLEEK (lol Jouelzy)

Jouelzy                                              Smoothiefreak                                       HeyFranHey

I told yall I live my life on youtube and THIS AINT THE HALF.  This is just a few of my favorite youtube “things”.



Let me know if you check any channels or shows out so we can discuss..

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