Wonder Why Wednesday #2

So, it’s time for another installment of WWW – Wonder Why Wednesday.  The first thing i’m wondering is why I decided to paint my nails immediately before typing this up.  I clearly didn’t think this through…well.  I’m also wondering why this sleep demon is visiting me right now.  It aint eem late.  But look…this aint what you came for so I’m about to tuck in all my wonderments about why my life aint quite right and get to the good stuff.

1. Why is Chris Brown the most flourishingest dude in Rap&B right now but he still aint got his life right…He working on it though I guess.  Was part of his sentence to be on EVERY hook of EVERY song…or nah…because he completing that ish…unlike the Community service initially?

2. Why Meek Mill ride harder for Ms. Minaj than for himself.  “Shoutout to the boss bitches wife-ing Ninjas”


3. Why won’t the world let me flourish and classify bacon as coming from a “special” chicken so I can be pork free.  The bacon be callin me…

4.  Why do I feel like narcissism is at an all time high?  It aint all self love…SELFIE!!


5. Why do I feel like everyone has haters now?  Are they passed out at birth or do you earn them like girl scout badges?

6. Why does every celebrity have a name for their fans?  Why do fake tv characters have fan names?  How many groups can one be a part of …are they resume listable?  #Beyhive #Tamartian #CookieMonster #Gladiator


7. Why do the people who you KNOW aint never read a chapter book be the ones yelling “Do your research” when their conspiracy theories are contested?

8.  Why haven’t you watched my last youtube video or read the last blog post? INSTANT REMEDY…linked below.


I’ll catch you good people…TOMORROW actually.

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