Wonder WHY Wednesday #1

Sometimes we just go through life and see things that we just…can’t even…deal with.  Most of the time we just shake our heads but there are those time when we just WONDER WHY…llllaaaawwwdddd WHY FOR LLLAAAWWWDDD!

1. Why do girls have these heavy looking bob weaves without the foundational edges to support them.


2. Why do the folks proclaiming they not about drama have the MOST drama surrounding them?

3.  Why Tupac gone lawd?


4. Why is music awful nowadays?

5. Why do we #hashtag everything like weddings, birthdays, daily life.  Is we famous? (I’m guilty)


6. Why do we work all day to pay for stuff we can’t even enjoy because we working all the time?

7. Why is everyone a beauty guru?


8. Why are eyebrows a thing? Like…a THING THING…like when did eyebrows become the IT thing to compliment, comment on, pay attention to?

9. Why is this baby’s face so funny as Loretta Devine (she too cute though…precious)


10.  Why is EVERY baby, toddler, child obsessed with Frozen…STILL?  Has anyone figured out what the subliminal brainwashing message is behind it.  That just aint normal.

Ok…I’ve left you with enough whys…does anyone have the answers?


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