Winter Workwear #2

The second week of work was a time to get back into the flow of things.  By this time, it seemed like we had never left.  We were all looking forward to the 3 day weekend and wishing for snow days.  Looks like our wished did come true.  Hopefully, these breaks will get us through until our next days off in March!

To keep hope alive, I decided to do something different.  I sported a SUPER LONG straight wig with an old school turban on top.  This turban reminds me of my great grandmother who had plenty of these.

I matched that up with my white sweater from Ashley Stewart and skirt from Lane Bryant.  The skirt is an old favorite and the sweater is new.  Of course, I couldn’t go out without the tried and true leggings and boots.


 2016-01-12 12.54.45 2016-01-12 12.55.33 2016-01-12 12.55.50 2016-01-12 12.56.55


Do you have an clothing items that remind you of loved ones?

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