Why Whitney Reloaded – Blog Challenge Day 7

On day 7 of week 1 of my blog challenge, I’m sitting here trying to write a blog post that probably should have not only been the first post of the challenge, but probably the first post of the blog.  Oh well…better late than never.

So, the idea for this post came from looking around online and coming across the idea for a post about why your blog is named what it is.


So, here we go.

I started this blog a couple years ago when I kicked up my weight loss journey.  Then restarted it when I was continuing my weight loss journey and my financial freedom journey (to include couponing).  That was going pretty well.

Then…I got sick.  So, it’s also been a place to document my health journey.

In December, I wrote a post called “Transitions” about what this blog will be.  So you can check that out!


In a way, a lot of my life needed a reboot, reset, reloading…so Whitney Reloaded was born.  It’s not so much about being anything different but just being the best and FULLEST me possible!  So I’m loading up.  I gotta be ready to fire at a moments notice.  Stay ready so you dont have to get ready.  and all those sayings and ish.


Short and Sweet!


See yall tomorrow!

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