Who’s Whit?

 Welcome to my world! I’m Whit!  From the way you clicked that link, I think you want to know about me. I won’t keep you waiting.  I’ve been blogging for the last decade and bring my own sense of F.E.A.R.C.E.  I also keep it entertaining as a self-classified purveyor of ridiculosity.  I blog about lifestyle, entertainment, inspiration, and natural hair.



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Things you should know about me:
  • In real life, I’m pretty quiet until you get to know me then I can talk all day.
  • I’m very opinionated and at times I misbehave and write ridiculosity.
  • I love my natural hair, my curves, and ME
  • I have a chronic illness but it doesn’t have me!
  • I’m a fighter and a survivor
  • But I mean, I’m generally a nice, sweet, southern girl with a great sense of humor and a sarcastic flair…

Shall you join me in my commentary on my life, entertainment, navigating a chronic illness and the natural hair scene?


 Feel free to contact me with questions, love mail, words of encouragement or whatever your heart desires!