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So I’ve been busy (read: lazy) and haven’t posted in a few days but I’m back.

Last week, I only worked out one day.  I kept letting other plans distract me but I was very happy with my one workout.  Plus I worked really  hard to keep my water intake up where it should be.  I did continue to lose.

I also cleaned out my fridge to prepare for a massive (not really) and expensive (REALLY) trip to Whole Foods.  My plan was to start back juicing a little this week and I decided to go the organic route…my pockets are still screaming.  I got some good stuff but paid way too much.  The meat I got is what really did me in financially!


So I juiced for lunch today.  It’s a carrot, sweet potato, cucumber, strawberry, apple, peach, lemon juice.  I like to throw a whole lot of stuff into one juice.  It tasted really good when I sampled it.  I had some flax cereal from WF and almond milk for breakfast.  I was supposed to eat some strawberry and kiwi slices too but the 32oz of water i had has me FULL.  I’ll eat them for my snack instead or with my trail-mix if i’m super hungry.


I’m 4.6 lbs from my next goal which i wanted to reach by mid July.  I think I’ll make it. LOL



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