Whitney’s Framily Tree

Apparently the haters of the world don’t like to acknowledge my family background as well as the friendships that I have managed to have over the almost 30 years of my life.

Therefore, I want to just set the RECORD straight.  Just in case you were wondering!


The below is my REAL family tree information and “friends list”.  This is not a comprehensive list…just the ones I’ve had questions about lately.  Take note.

My Grandfather:


My Father:

My Aunt:


Father and Aunt Patricia:

Prince Patti Labelle BET

My Bestfriends:



I hope that clears it up for you.  I do have a play Auntie and a play Uncle (RIP).

Here they are:

1E1894FE stevejobs1

As well…I used to be engaged.  And well…I’ll just say he has 99 problems and I’m no longer one.  We’re still cool though…obviously!


Thank you!

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