Whitney’s 30 before 30 list

1. Get a Betta fish and keep it alive 2. Pay off at least 2 credit cards 3. Launch my Youtube Channel 4. Start a Positivity/Happiness Jar 5. Read 3 books for pleasure (yes only 3 (before June) ADD is real up in these streets) 6. Start wearing a little bit of makeup…(lipsticks, mascara…she can do that) 7. Learn to code 8. Launch my website/relaunch blog (all in one) 9. Do 2 juice fasts/detoxes 10. Change my hairstyles up 11. Make a 2015 Vision Board 12. Complete a month long blogging challenge 13. Do an ancestory test 14. Do a boozy painting class minus the booze 15. Re-pierce my ears (for the umpteenth time) 16. Begin de-cluttering my life (real life, spaces, e-life) 17. See Misty Copeland in Swan Lake 18. Wake up and cook breakfast before work more often. 19. Make a Caribbean dinner 20. Organize my closet 21. Donate at least 2 bags of clothes and shoes 22. Get at least 6 massages and 2 facials 23. Go on a date or several lol 24. New Orleans again? 25. Go to a concert 26. Support (buy products) and Promote my friends’ businesses 27. Journal 28. Pick up a Devotional 29. Put myself FIRST 30. Complete this list and complete the things on this list

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