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About a month ago, me and the bestie traveled to Richmond, VA to go to an event hosted by Kim of Naturally Fashionable.  We decided to go up a day early and make it a mini staycation.


Since neither of us had spent much time in Richmond (although it’s just a couple hours away), we wanted to make sure we enjoyed ourselves in the short time we were there.  So, other than the event, how does one enjoy themselves…EAT. GOOD. FOOD.  Duh!

Then it hit me…the servings in Richmond are ENORMOUS!  Every place we went was a test.  It was…



The first stop on our trip was Croaker’s spot.  This spot was a recommendation from Demetria (aka A Belle in Brooklyn) of See Some World.  She warned me about the portions but I still blame her for not PROPERLY warning me.  She did her best but my eyes are bigger than my stomach.



But I must say if I had to be defeated in round 1, it had to go down like this.  This platter had tons of delicious fried fish, fried shrimp, macaroni and cheese and cabbage.  And OH…let’s not forget the delicious corn bread.  The only reason I didn’t finish it was because I wanted some for when I ate my leftovers.

The food was a 8.5, the prices were good, the decor was good.  There was a dancing child with another party.  I was slightly concerned that she was dropping it low and picking up slow but, I digress.  It was a great spot.  It was not so bad losing this fight.


The second stop was at 821 Cafe.  By virtue of calling the DC area home, currently, we are spoiled by an endless and delicious brunch scene.  There are big spots, small spots, buffet spot, bottomless mimosa spots.  So, waking up on a Sunday morning in a town we weren’t familiar with our first thoughts were “do they brunch in Richmond?”  From my furious googling, it doesn’t seem that the scene is popping but there were a few places that showed up several times.  821 Cafe was one of them and there was a line.

Because I have to notice everything, there was a couple that was waiting on line with us.  There were about 2-3 parties ahead of us and they came up after us.  They had a cute dog with them.  While waiting they go put the dog in their truck with the back trunk door open.  Is that legal in Richmond?  I wanted the dog to run away to safety.  They also tried to get seated before the party before us and us.  (later in the restaurant they snapped at their waitress and I could only hope that their dog was skipping off into some pasture far away from them as he likely just sat abandoned in an open SUV trunk)

My try me not spirit was fully activated!
My try me not spirit was fully activated!

So we get in after smelling something so delicious and wonderful.  It didn’t take me long to realize that this lovely smell was the pancakes.  Being excitable about food, I ordered some pancakes and bacon and grits because GREEDY!  I knew in my spirit that this wasn’t going to go down but I tried.


And just like that I failed.  Those are the utensils of DEFEAT.  I was officially 0-2 in Richmond.  I was thoroughly ashamed although well-fed and happy.  Those pancakes were EVERYTHING.  The grits were good too.  The bacon was ok but hey…BACON!  The food was a solid 8.  The decor was cool.  The other patrons…meh.  The hated by PETA couple ruined it.

So, all in all, Richmond was a good time.  I’ll be posting about the event we went to soon.  So keep an eye out for that.

Do you think you could have defeated either of these meals?


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