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Well since this is a new blog (shhh i know I’ve had it for almost a year now) and I realize it’s to a slightly new audience, I need to kind of introduce myself.  I’ve been blogging on and off for nearly a decade now.  It’s mostly been about my life, things I like and pop culture!  This time…It’s really about me.  I’m trying to revamp my life: physically and financially!  (This blog will likely be more weight loss than financial though)

Well, I’ve been on my weight loss adventure on and off for almost 3 years now.   I started researching clean eating in early 2011 and took off strong.  I lost a good amount of weight.  i went to the gym at least 3 times a week and was on it.  Then…my asthma attacked me.  I literally was in bed for a weekend because I couldn’t move without almost dying!  I finally got to the doctor’s office and was put on rest for two months until my lungs regained function!  Let’s just say after that, my streak of gym ratness was over!

I even began falling back off track with my food!  I have always cooked most food from scratch…but it wasn’t always the BEST food.  I have still never fully converted back to the fried and smothered lifestyle but I had lapses.  I’ve used the last two years of lent to rid myself of the desire for the CONVENIENCE of fast food.  Let’s be honest…Fast Food isn’t that delicious…it’s just SO DAMN EASY!  I must admit that I still dabble at Wendy’s when I’m in a bind but really nothing else.  I’m very anti McDonalds, Taco Bell, and Subway.  Nothing there is really for me!  Oh and I no longer eat beef or pork.  Again I’ve had tastes of each since I drastically reduced their consumption last September but I don’t eat pork 95% of the time and I don’t eat beef 99.9999% of the time!

Last fall, after researching for a year, I did my first juice fast and I loved it.  I’ve been juicing every since (minus 2013…i’ve mostly done smoothies due to the craziness I mentioned in my post before this).  I’m going to do another juice fast soon.

So …Where I’ve come from.  I have to guess that my heaviest was around 2007: my senior year in college.  Looking back I was huge!  Only two people I remember ever really discussed it with me.  I didn’t realize I was that big.  I started to get the idea when my very large sized jeans were no longer fitting me.  THAT was an issue.  I don’t remember what I weighed then but I have a feeling i was on the wrong side of 350.  Wait…not a feeling…I was a good amount over 350.  When I started my adventure in 2011 I was around 340 and I was significantly smaller than my Senior year.   I wish I knew the number for progress…but gosh!!

Here are a few pics:  Do you see the change?  It’s 100% over a 50lb weight change.  My best estimate is between 50-75 lbs lost so far!


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    Congratulations on your progress!!

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