Weight Loss is a Gold Digger Part 1

While I must say I enjoy weight loss, I have to be honest about her.  She’s a money hungry heifer.  I know you may be confused but there are several ways she can steal all your hard earned money.  Some of them are legit (but still pricey) others you may want to beware of.

In part one…let’s discuss the disrespect to your wallet that is BUYING NEW CLOTHES.

Recently, I got to the point where all of my clothes were getting too big.  I have some dresses from last summer that still are ok or can be fixed with belts and some shirts are fine.  However, my pants were a lost cause.  They would basically stay up because of my booty but the rest of them were baggy and awful.


I went to the mall with friends to re-up.  Let’s say I spent over $300 and I didn’t even get everything I needed.  However, I have some cute stuff but I got some stuff that I’m not even sure where I’m gonna wear it to.  It’s cute though.

That excitement of fitting into new sizes and a newly smaller shape is definitely awesome though.  But did I also mention I spent about $80 earlier that week and another $40 on Friday.  DAMN DAMN DAMN


I also needed new shoes because my feet shrank…$75.


Granted the totals could be worse because as you know I’m a couponer.  So EVERYTHING I got was either on sale or had a coupon or gift certificate to use for the purchase so the cash totals above could be much worse especially the $75 for 4 or 5 pairs of shoes and a purse from DSW.


Anyway…so much money.  Wait I ordered more online the other day. I think that was $50.


I’m gonna be CUTE and broke though.  Here are pics of my new dresses from Old Navy that I got Friday (both size XL…)


image (1) image












I went in the store and decided to grab those just to see if they would fit.  I was skeptical because when have I ever fit an XL from old navy…NEVER.

However…after i tried them on I was like



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    You go girl! Looking forward to the day when I can shop for a new wardrobe! Keep up the good work!

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      Thanks!! You’ll be there before you know it!!

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    I am super super proud of you. You look great and your hard work is inspiring me to live better! Being healthy is expensive, but long term, so is being unhealthy!

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      I need to get to blogging more. I have one in mind but I’m afraid!!

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