So, one of the things that I want to do this year in 2018 is to begin or continue really to lose the weight that I gained from my medication. So, if you don’t know I have a chronic illness and here are a couple of posts that you can read about that illness that I have already written.
I will be writing some more about what’s been happening lately with that so definitely stay tuned for that. However, one of the treatments for that illness happens to be steroids – prednisone to be exact.
In case you don’t know anything about prednisone, know that it is one of the worst and best medications in the world. While it will ease the worst of worst symptoms, it also has a bevy of horrid side effects. When I was on my highest dose of medication I had every single horrible side effect that you could have. I had water retention; I had acne; I had insomnia; I had a false sense of euphoria. And of course, I had major weight gain.  So much weight gain that I saw my pulmonologist within a month of being discharged and he immediately said he had to figure out how to get me off prednisone because I had gained so much.  My face was a round balloon and I wanted to eat EVERYTHING!
So previous to me getting sick or realizing I was sick I had lost nearly 100 pounds and I was probably the smallest I’ve been in my adult life but because of the side effects I gained most of that weight back. I believe I gained a total of 80 pounds and probably 40 to 50 of that was within two months of me taking the medication. Mind you nothing in my diet changed I did become slightly less active but according to my doctor and logic, it was mostly the medication.
As I’ve begun to come down on the medication drastically and I’m at a much lower dose now I can actually begin to lose weight without fighting for my life to do so. I will talk about this in another post but I am not as active as I once was for obvious reasons and I’m gonna work on that too but we all know that one of the biggest ways to change your weight is to change your diet. So I have been contemplating making changes and just everybody around me is going vegan. Now do I want to be a vegan? No. However, I do see some of the benefits of the lifestyle especially when it comes to inflammation as that also has to do with my illness.
So when I was speaking with a friend what we kind of committed to doing was doing vegan three days a week. And we committed to do this for 2 to 3 months and just see from there. So I am going to be vegan-ish…vegan light if you will. And when I say “-ish” I really mean it so I do not want anyone saying “that’s not vegan”. Girl I know.
However, I will be trying a lot of vegan recipes and I will be possibly adding butter don’t judge me but I will try not to. So, of course, I’ve been on Pinterest and other sites looking for vegan recipes that interest me and I thought I would share a couple with you guys here so check them out below and I will definitely make an individual post when I cook these items so.
So are any of you guys vegan? Are you considering being vegan? Would you be vegan? Do you want to join along with this three day a week vegan situation? Let me know!

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