Vegan•ish: Gardein Chick’n Sliders

Fake meat…man…I’m ashamed.

Before doing this faux vegan/vegan-ish/really vegetarian with a side of pescatarian and bacon, I could not understand for the life of me the fake meat thing.  A few people I know have been vegetarian or light vegan so I’ve seen a few different options.  I would forever be like “nah”.  Now…I’m here to eat my words and this fake chick’n.

So one day a couple weeks ago we had some faux snow down here in good ol’ Louisiana. So EVERYTHING was shut down.  This was one of my first weeks going full vegetarian/vegan for 5 days a week.  Yea I started off saying I would be vegan 3x a week but I’ve kind of slipped into no meat for 5 days and MAYBE a little weekend seafood.  Anyway, here I am at home and hungry.  So I decide to get out these sliders.

So they don’t come with all the toppings of course: just the “meat” and bread.  So I preheated the oven and got ready to make a couple of these for lunch.

So these were surprisingly good.  From the breading, I could tell they would be seasoned and probably tasted good.  It was the texture that I was not prepared for.  It was so much like…chicken.  Ok let’s be real a second…it wasn’t like chick fil a chicken but it was your typical fast food or frozen chicken texture.  It was recognizable as what you’d expect from a frozen chicken patty.


So while I won’t be doing “chick’n” or vegan meat for every meal.  These are definitely a keeper.  Hey Gardein!! Yall did that! 

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