The Ultimate Skincare Routine: The Hunt

I, Whit, have a confession.  I’m horrible and terrific at routines.  I’m sooo great at routines that I’m terrible at adding new ones because they interfere with my already perfected routines.  However, there are times in your life where you have the taste slapped out of your mouth one way or another and you have to switch things up.  Skincare was one of those areas where I needed to be b*%&h slapped.

slap facecare routine

When I tell you that my skin turned on me like the neighborhood snitch when I get sick…BABY!  It had no loyalty.  It didn’t appreciate me.  It didn’t not care!  The medication I was on was on my skin’s side and made it even worse.  I FELT SOOOO UGLY BRUH.  And We all know I’m cute…right

skincare cute pic of Whit
This is to remind you that ugly can be redeemed

At that point, I realized that I had to come up with a skincare routine.  So I went to the expert on all things beauty: my baby sister.  She asked me what my skincare routine was.  I said “well if I wake up and there’s crust in my eyes…I get it out…most of the time…then I go on and brush my teeth”.  She told me to SHUT UP! and stopped talking to me.  So…there I was ABANDONED by my own kin!  My skin and kin were not here for me!

skincare rihanna cry

So began the hunt for the PERFECT skincare routine for girls who just…can NOT…with doing the MOST!

Currently, I’m kinda partially trying to maybe be consistent with possibly using the following products on a regular basis.  I chose these because I had all the simple products for like FREE from couponing and the same for the Yes to products.  I got the Olay face scrubber thingy on a pricing error for $10 and Walgreens brand mint julep.  (I’m frugal…complain to someone else.)



So, @JackieAina has a skincare routine given to her by JESUS himself. Click To Tweet

However…I’ve also began to watch youtube videos on skincare routines and Jackie Aina has a skincare routine given to her by JESUS himself.  Every time I see her doing it on snapchap, I text Jesus and ask him if he can send ya girl the deets.  He always replies “LOL…ok Whitney…go to bed”.

I don’t know why my Lord and Savior acts like he knows me.  If you give it to me Jesus…I’m gon do it.  I promise. (He reads the blog!)

Anyway…so now I turn to you…help a lazy sista out!


What’s your skincare routine, and what are some things I NEEEED to be doing in mine?

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