TLN: North West Inspires Little Natural/Curly Girls?

OK…I LIED….ALLLL SHADE!  I’m over VOGUE and everything they stand for.  I’m over folks giving cornrows, baby hairs, and bantu knots away and labeling the average natural haired child as unkept and nappy headed.

Oh…and i’m NOT HERE for this bullshit:

Let’s not get it twisted.  North West is cute and all that and her curls are fabulous…BUT her curls don’t look like your typical curly girls especially a little black curly girl.

UntitledLike forreal though? North wears her hair in cute styles but she also has been known to wear it free and curly.



But when a baby with say…coarser hair does it…there’s an issue.

Here’s Blue Ivy with the cutest of twistouts.


There was commentary for days about how her hair wasn’t cute and was nappy and abc and xyz. It’s only when she wears her hair more sleeked back that folks say she looks fine.


WHY? I’m not here for this bs that her hair needs to be pulled back and slicked back all the time.  I’m just not.  It’s cute but it is NOT the standard for what nice hair looks like.  It’s half the reason why edges are a hot commodity right now because yall lost them in the slick back at 13 months.  Go back in time and release your hair girl.  #illwait


Let’s not even get into how Tia Mowry received ENORMOUS backlash for not cutting her son’s hair and had to put a bevy of people in their place when they criticized him for his top knots.  Get over yourselves people.

cree2 Screen-Shot-2014-08-27-at-1.01.31-PM

Why can’t this:


or this:


or this:


be an inspiration to curly or natural girls.  When I hear more and more about little black girls begging their parents for perms because they want to look like their (white) friends or Queen Elsa, it hurts my heart.  Why weren’t there articles about how the natural hair movement in general is an inspiration to little curly girls?  Why are only North’s cute loose curls inspiring?

It reminds me of this hateful post I saw on facebook last week:


Are we going to continue to allow this narrative to be pushed on us and the babies or are we going to show them otherwise?

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  1. I stand for everything u said. When Vogue announced the north thing I was like “and Blu?” Like I’m tired of people always seeking out perfection. Natural hair is natural hair regardless of curl pattern

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