TLN: Natural Hair Product Review: Dr. Coily and Honey’s Handmade

So first and most importantly…I bought these products with my own hard earned coinT so you know this review is going to be 100% real.  Yall know I’m not one to like to part from a penny, so if it wasn’t worth my money…I’m going to tell you. That being said…both of these companies can have several of my coins!!!! tumblr_md11lyOa3x1qbh0eio1_500 I gave up the ghost on doing my own hair after about a year because my hair was taken over by an evil tangled cobweb spirit that I didn’t know how to rebuke.   So I did a combination of protective styles and let someone else worry about doing my hair. For the last year or so I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of doing my hair myself.  So… here comes the reactivation of my selective productjunkieness.  (Don’t you dare comment on my obsessive personality traits.  LOL) I was introduced to Honey’s Handmade.  Someone I know was raving about the products.  Then they blessed me with a SALE!! A sale yall.  You know sales are my love language. I got on that website and it was like the gates of hair heaven had opened up to welcome me in. 2181761_o Specifically, as I’ve gotten my detangling spirit rebuked, I’ve been trying new styles.  Of course, I wanted to do a twistout and such.  My twistouts were WHACK SAUCE.  I hated them.  That is until I got my hands on this Coconut Water Leave in Conditioner…BABY…BABY!!!  The definition and moisture from this product is just… BzNUQ56IUAAp70Y My twistout was just beautiful!!1

I wish you could reach into those pictures and gently caress my hair (after I grant you permission to do so) because it’s all soft and luxurious.  You wanna know why?  In addition to the coconut water condish, I used some Dr. Coily’s Cleansing Butter Shampoo during my wash routine. Honestly, I didn’t know what to think when I got the product.  It was a marshmallow like, pillowy texture and I had never used a shampoo butter type situation.  But I swapped it out for conditioner in my 25 minute detangle process that the lovely Naptural85 brought into my life. As soon as I washed my hair under the water, I had to glare into my shower mirror to figure out WHOSE HAIR I was detangling because this soft, luxurious, easily detangled hair was not the hair that had plagued my entire existence for 4 years.  This could not be the hair that I consider cutting ALL THE TIME.  I had to stare in the mirror and look like this cleansing butter has turned my hair into a sour patch kid.  First it was sour and rude.  Now it’s all sweet and luxurious.  I was AMAZED!! giphyDr Coily is a brand new product line and let me tell you, if they keep making products like this.  They will be big in NO TIME. Let me not forget to mention that Honey’s Handmade and Dr. Coily are both owned by hard working black women.  You know I love to Support a Sista a la Toni Daley. Check out my full wash day routine and twist out video below and GO BUY THESE PRODUCTS!!!

Let me know in the comments if you try them or if there are any reviews you want me to do.

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