TLN – Braids are my Frenemy

I’ve been intending to blog all week about something that wasn’t this.  Along with getting distracted by all the foolery that is happening in the world (McKinney and Rachel), life, and regular ish…I’ve been distracted by taking out my braids. If you know me, you know the idea of braids is amazing to me.  I’m lazy when it comes to life my hair so not having to do anything but get up and lay my edges in the morning is very very appealing.  As soon as i got the braids, I regretted them for 72 hours because my head felt like it was being stabbed by a litany of tiny stabbing knives.  I’m lying…the knives were huge.  I was taking pain killers multiple times a day.  Mind you, I don’t usually take pain killers ever so my threshold for them to work is low…but ALAS. Once those 72 hours were over, I entered into the glorious phase.  I didn’t have to worry about my hair.  I could do whatever i wanted to the braids and it didnt take any time. fabulous-new-york-o It was perfect.  2 months with them ZOOMED by.  They even looked so good, I considered keeping them until 3 months was up.  BUT LO…my hair said no ma’am sir and had a growth surge.  My hair tends to do this.  It grows in spurts it seems and they are not nice. Suddenly, my precious precious braids were pulling in different areas of my head. Back…Middle…le coveted edges.  (really..i have enough edges to donate so i was not concerned but still #noshade) tumblr_mxr34zwXVm1s9a988o6_500 So, I made the decision to take them out.  I still have NO CLUE what I’m going to do to my hair for my Bday trip to NOLA but these braids GOTS TUH GO.  I have a lot of hair and a lot of head which equals fiddylemen braids in my hair.  I started taking them out on Sunday or Monday.  I took a few more out on Wednesday.  Thursday I started to go IN on them as I was off on Friday.  As I type this up on Friday, I’ve been taking out braids AAAAALLLLLL DDDDAAAAAYYYY LLLLOOOONNNGGGG.  Your girl is tired.  I’m about to pass out as I type this up. pK1Gn And do you know, these braids are still not out.  There is a mounting pile of hair on my floor and it’s still at least 1/3 of fiddylemen braids in my head.  Why did I do this?  What was I thinking?  I’ll never get braids again!  Why my friends all act like they couldn’t hear me when I asked for help?  Who selling new friends?  ALL MINE gots tuh GO…?  Where were they when I decided to get braids to say nawl girl don’t do it reconsider read some litera-ture on the subject…you sure. Like what were you thinking girl? Untitled Ugh…I seriously considered starting over and “big chopping” these braids off.  But I got some ack right.  But is I’m ever gonna be done, Lawd?  As well, what am I gonna do with my hair once they are all out.  I don’t know…we’ll see.  I’ll let yall know.

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