The Lazy Natural – Blog Challenge Day 6

Just in case no one noticed from the rest of my life…I’m lazy.  Just kidding…not really lazy in general.  I just like to get the most for the least.  That’s whether it’s saving money, time, or effort.

This does not change when it comes to my hair.  As a matter of fact, it’s exemplified.  It’s obvious that I’m a natural chick but even when I was a permed chick, I didn’t do much to my hair.  I loved me a good ol’ ponytail.  I didn’t even really know how to flat iron my own hair.  I mean i KNEW HOW but who wanted to do that.  I’d regularly solicit someone else to bless my coiffed spirit.  When it comes to a curling iron…HONEY…if i had to curl my hair to save your life…I’m sorry for you.

She DID THAT compared to my skills!
She DID THAT compared to my skills!

So, I have to wonder why I was given my gift and curse hair.  My hair is pretty strong and resilient and it grows too fast.  There is a lot of it.  However, because of the above, it’s difficult to deal with.  It has separation anxiety and loves to tangle up on itself.  Like my hair has been detangled and as soon as water touches it, it swears it’s drowning and forms dreadlocks.  I. LIE. TO. YOU. FUCKING. NOT.  It’s happened more than once.

As much as I want to be ultimately lazy and let someone else do my hair all time time…there are two issue.

1. Aint NOBODY got the money for that (refer back to my most for the least thoughts on money)

2. Aint NOBODY got time for that (…exactly…)


That means she’s stuck doing her own hair.  When I first cut it, I did a lil something something.  I’ll make a video soon.  Let’s say my styling skills grew from treachery to decentry during that time. Then it grew and I gave up and got it done in protective styles for a while.  Then it was super long.  You know what that means…PONYTAILS!  AND BUNS!! YYYYAAAASSSSSSS!

I’ve been asked how did I get it so long and I would share but it’s my DNA because clearly I’m lazy and do NOTHING to my hair.   And I don’t just be swapping DNA with folks all willy nilly in these streets so…yall short.

HOWEVER…what’s the fun if the homie can’t have none….wait…i meant…*nevermind*

Anyway, I decided I wanted to try and experiment with the versatility of my natural hair and trends in general.  So, I’ll be trying styles, stalking youtube, wearing headwraps, and detangling my hair…BY MYSELF for the most part.  I’ll document it all here.  You can count on me to find the laziest BUT most effective way to get your hair done.

I’ll be posting a review of a style I tried from youtube soon and soon after a youtube video of my first two curlformer attempts!

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    That’s so my hair. Ugh, I feel for you! May God give you all the strength to detangle!!

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