The Best Tweets of SOTU 2016

Watching the State of the Union 2016 was a monumental event.  I was a little sad watching it because it was President Obama’s last.  I hopped on twitter to revel in the commentary as it happened.  Needless to say, the way everyone dealt with the sadness was to be President Obama’s hype-man times 1.5 billi!  Everyone was in rare form last night.  It made his powerful lines even more powerful and made the sadness of the event more bearable.

It just won’t be the same in these SOTU twitter streets after last night.  *fights the air*

Here are some of my favorite tweets of the night:

What were some of your favorite moments?

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    I didn’t watch SOTU (shame on me – I was probably editing a video) but this recap via Twitter was hilarious! I don’t think the White House will ever be the same.

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      Thanks Jonna! No it won’t be the same…sigh

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