#SupportASista: J’ai Besoin – Blog Challenge Day 28 THE FINALE!

So I’ve mentioned #SupportASista by Toni Daley before.  Here is her original video talking about it.  I’ll link to her website too.  http://www.supportasista.com/


So today is #SupportASista Day and I’m just going to highlight a few of th black owned businesses (all owned by women) that I’ve supported since Black Friday.

You can also go to www.tonidaley.com to check out all the wonderful things she sells!  I bought a Gabe wig!  Love it!  Check it out.

Enjoy!  And Shop at ALL OF THESE Businesses.  I’ll do occasional updates on these and other causes to support! I’m under the weather so I want to write way more but I can’t.  This is even going up way later than planned. SOWWY!


Jouelzy: #SmartBrownGirl

So Jouelzy is selling the cutest and the most comfortable sweatshirts ever as part of her #SMARTBROWNGIRL movement which is epic in itself.  You should really get into it.  You can find her over in youtube land.  I linked her channel here before.  You can get into these sweatshirts and shirts (including kids, infants, and plus) at shop.smartbrowngirl.com!  You can also purchase Jouelzy’s book by clicking *HERE*

image1 (1)


Missy Lynn: Missy Lynn Palette

BH Cosmetics gave Missy Lynn a sista a palette…this is a FIRST for a sista.  I’m not even into makeup like that yet.  Still testing out the waters but I had to support!  She sold out too!  This will open the way for many over beauty gurus who look like you…whatever you look like!  There won’t just be one ideal!

Here’s my palette! It just came yesterday.

IMG_2765 IMG_2764



You can pre-order yours here at the discounted rate before the price goes back up: http://www.bhcosmetics.com/products/missy-lynn-palette


Feminista Jones: Push The Button

If you don’t know who Feminista Jones is, you’ve been living under a rock.  She’s a hardworking, outspoken, intelligent, black woman who doesn’t let anyone define her but herself!  Some time ago, she began sharing a some writings on her blog called “Push The Button”.  It’s like 50 shades of Grey but FORREAL and not for fake like that travashamockery!!  Check it out!  I have my copy…do you?  *GET INTO IT HERE*


The Shoe Asylum

The shoe game is CRAZY!  I’ve been committed!  Have you?  Get the hottest shoes ever!  The customer service is awesome and the shipping is QUICK and FREE!  You absolutely can’t beat that.  I have two pair of shoes that I love!!




Naturally Simone

Website coming soon!  Naturally Simone makes the best whipped shea butter.  It’s seriously one of the only products that I regularly use in my hair.  The company is going to officially launch soon so when it does…I’ll be back with more information!  Just wait on it!


Are you ready to support a sista?  Have you shopped at any of these sista’s sites?  Plan to?  Any that you want to share?

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