Summer Playlist

Well…dang shawty…you just not gon’ post about the great songs of the months of June or July…you just gon’ be OFF YO JOB?  You aint even posted a Jesus Juke Joint post or NOTHING.  Why?

This the stuff I say to myself when I shame myself into blogging.  It finally worked.


So here are the songs that I’ve been swerving down the highway, twerking something on Tuesday, and cabbage patching to like it’s back in style.  I gotta give yall DOUBLE..SO… Buckle in, get comfortable, this is going to be a long and poppin ride!! Enjoy YOSELF!

Bitch Better Have My Money

-Enough said-

My Way – REMIX (just the remix)

-i’m just hear for the bearded man from Canada-


-This song.  It’s mesmerizing.  IDK exactly what it is but it’s everything I never knew I wanted in my ears-

Cha Cha

-Don’t you just feel like you just played your heart out to get to star road and now you feel accomplished so you sit and listen to the music then make up a song….just me –


-hits the Quan-


-I’m usually very particular about my dear Aaliyah’s samples.  But this…I LIKE.  From jump…it was cool with me-


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