Songs You Shouldn’t Play at Your Wedding

Being the musically motivated person I am…I notice a lot of things.  I’m the person who listens to lyrics and figures out how songs don’t make sense.

Like…If the last single he put out…didn’t even make it out…how was it the last single he put out.  These are the questions that need answers.


I’m someone who listens to lyrics and songs multiple times before making a final decision on most songs because I like to hear what the artist hears after hearing it a million times and understand the lyrics.  Doing this…I can easily put a lot of songs into categories.

HOWEVER…I noticed that sometimes…folks don’t listen to lyrics.  All slow songs aint love songs yall.  All love songs aint love songs.  I have seen folks talking about a song was sexy and had to be like “ummm you know this song is about a break up or nah”.  Why they don’t know Lawd?


So, since Wedding season is in full swing (i’m not bitter or nothing) I decided to compile a list of songs that don’t need to be played at yo wedding.  If you already had your wedding and they were…blame yo ratchet cousin who requested it or something.  (note: don’t allow requests at my wedding).

Pretty Wings

-Yes, it’s Maxwell.  Yes, pretty is in the title.  Yes it “sounds” all lovey…but do yourself a favor…know…this aint a luh song.  You’re better off playing Trap Queen-


-That song that someone said was for sexy time…yup this was it.  It aint THAT type-uh climax..ok…OK?!-

This Woman’s Work (Maxwell’s version)

-Yup Maxwell makes the list again.  Yall get mesmerized by his voice and don’t hear a damn thing he’s crooning to you.  Let me tell you if you don’t realize this song is CRAZY SAD then I don’t have much hope for you.  Just gon’ play it-

I Will Always Love You

-Please know this song is about someone leaving because it just aint working out but i still luh you doe-

Now go off and be merrily married (without these songs tho)


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    Hahaha I’m lurking hella hard

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      Bwahahaha I appreciate a good lurk lol

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