Simone Manuel and Simone Biles are #BlackGirlMagic – Fearce Friday

Simone Biles.  Simone Manuel.  Olympians.  History Makers.  Underdogs.  Black Girl Magic.


If you are watching the Olympics, you are likely just as excited as I am this Friday.  Last night I shed tears of joy as I watched Simone Manuel swim for the gold.  My sister and I had been commenting all week on how folks were sleeping on Simone Manuel.  They only talked about Michael Phelps when it came to swimming.  Phelps is a dolphin in human form and I get HYPE every time he swims but something was OFF about the Simone Manuel reporting.

Time came for Simone’s race and my sister and I were ready!  Then the US broadcasters were talking about the Australian sisters before commercial break.  Wait…Are Manuel and Weitzel not swimming anymore.  After the commercial break, there’s stories of the Australians and their parents and how they are both DEFINITELY going to win this and be on the medal stand.

Just as the race is about to begin the commentators mention Manuel.  IT’S TIME.  OH wait…they only mention her to say Weitzel beat her in trials and if she medals it will be history.  BUT THE AUSTRALIANS THOUGH! I’M HEATED!  But we say a prayer for Simone and my sister mutes her tv and looks away while I watch.  I’m screaming “GO SIMONE…GO SIMONE”.  Suddenly the wind falls out of the swiftness of the Australians and on the final 50 they slow to what seemed like a motionless pace and Simone was getting faster.  Simone was in the lead.  I was screaming.  My Sister yells out to me what happened.


Simone Manuel #blackgirlmagic

I must say the BBC showed her MAD LOVE!  Championing her for being the first African American woman to win an individual medal in swimming.  They even were just as overcome with excitement saying just watch as a black lady stands up there…this is HISTORY!
OH NBC…they were showing the 7 hour old gynmastics all-around footage of the Russians sucking on the beam during Simone Manuel’s live Medal Ceremony…WAIT during Simone Manuel’s LIVE HISTORY MAKING MEDAL CEREMONY! (They played the ceremony after the gymnastics replay…after midnight…guess history can wait)

At the same time, Simone Biles had won the GOLD MEDAL in the Gymastics All-Around and has the chance to win MORE!!  She has been noted as THE GREATEST GYMNAST OF ALL TIME!  She’s getting some coverage but …not as much as that title should garner!  But we don’t NEED the acknowledgment.  We’re MAGICAL BEFORE IT AND WITHOUT IT!

Simone Manuel and Simone Biles
Credit: NBC Olympics




Today…as we go into the weekend, it doesn’t matter who is against you or who underestimates you AS LONG AS YOU ARE FOCUSED ON YOUR PRIZE.  Someone will acknowledge you and you’ll know who was there for you when you were the underdog….when you WEREN’T expected to win!

Let me know what Olympic feat you will complete this week!  

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