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While I’m still going through this period of hair boredom, I’ve been considering loc’ing my hair.  I’ve actually been going back and forth about locs for longer than I’ve been thinking about cutting my hair.

I keep seeing these beautiful pictures of women with locs and I just swoon.  Two of my best friends have locs and they are gorgeous.  They both also big chopped before me and I followed behind them shortly.  I wonder if locs would be the next thing I follow behind them and do.  

I’ve been going back and forth back and forth.  Every time that I think of a good reason, I think of a bad one.  I’ve even started researching places to loc my hair and stopped.

There are a few reasons that I’d like to get locs.  

  1. I generally like how I look with braids and twists…like a lot.  I think that locs would look great on me.
  2. I am pretty hair lazy so not having to do a lot of extra to my hair daily would be nice.
  3. My hair tangles so easily, I feel like it would loc pretty quickly.  

There are a few more reasons why I keep thinking that I won’t do it.

  1. Locs are not my loose hair.  Although I have to side eye my loose hair, I do love it.
  2. I’ve considered sisterlocs in order to get the best of both worlds but I hear the install for those with my hair length would take a very very very very long time. * insert sweet brown*
  3. I don’t forsee myself keeping the locs for forever and I would not want to cut them out.  But, will I want to big chop again in however many years?


Going back and forth about it makes me feel like I shouldn’t do it.  However, I’m still considering it because…I want to.  Don’t I look cute with braids…Isn’t that like a loc cuteness indicator or something? Nah?

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Do you think that locs would look good on me and be a good idea?

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