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I’ve been natural for just over 5 years now and guess what…I’m in a hair rut!! 

I’ve had long(er) hair all of my life and after a certain point in my permed hair life, I began coloring, cutting, and just trying new things with my hair.

My natural hair journey has been rather…BORING!  The first half of the journey I can say that I was excited but totally clueless.  It’s only been in the latter half that I’ve actually learned more about how to care for MY hair and found products that my hair loves without being (quite) a product junkie.

big chop
My first big chop

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve done my share of cute styles.  I’ve had twists, bantu knots, twistouts, blowouts, twist and curls, and a partridge in a pear tree!  But…I’m still bored.

I’ve considered color but color treated hair is a lot of work.  I’ve taken the time to watch and learn from folks who have color and that’s not the life I would like to lead…currently.  However, a cut may do wonders right!!!


WHAT AND EVER!! My phone is probably blowing up with threats right now.  My grandmother is probably even texting me about NOT cutting my hair.  I wore a short wig the other week and I got a text that said “YOU BETTER NOT HAVE CUT YOUR HAIR”.  I swear I’m a whole adult y’all, I swear.  I can do what I please. 

I swear I'm a whole adult y'all, I swear. I can do what I please. Click To Tweet

But…I must admit, it is a tad scary.  I do have other options that I’ll discuss soon.  But in the meantime, how SHORT should I go?  Should I go full big shop, short twa, or like mid length cut?   

What short cut do you think would look good on me?


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