Shonda Switching Us To Geico


Before we get into the mournin’ sway.  Let’s talk about this episode.

The show opens up with OG triple Goon in charge…who run the world…POPE dranking wine in Liv’s apartment.  I received so much life because the way he lays out folks lives to them is so on point.  He basically told Liv that he’s tryna hire her and she needs to quit faking life.  He also pretty much let her know that he’s doing her a favor in giving her a chance to get her life right before he goes ham.  The raucous laughter when he realized she wasn’t dickmatized by Fitz any longer made me giggle as well.  You know he’ll be quick to go on her about her “white knights” LMAO

Ol’ drugged boy on the floor starts to wake up and Liv plays drunkard (btw…just note right here they met at a Bar…we’ll come back to this).

Marcus…Marcus…Marcus.  You just fell for THE TRAP, son.  Like …the ORIGINAL trap.  Like the VERY FIRST TRAP for yall ever.  SMDH.  Son…SON!  The mayor’s wife…when you’re running for mayor.  I’m going to Ashley Furniture to collect seats for him.  Anyone willing to contribute to the gofundMarcusdumbass or nah?

Gladiators gladiate and ish is “handled”-like.

Marcus gets not arrested soon after and Liv has to go to the station to snatch him up.  So…whose mayor is he trying to be when he in the station running all of his mouth?  I’m just wondering why he’s just not about that SHUT UP life.  However…Olivia reengaged her amazingness and laid into the captain.  Girlllllll you did that.  Here is the video.  Just get into it!!

Girl…that captain was so full of sickness and hate.  He about turned green.  

Anyway…of course they figured out who did it and Marcus chose to get his shine on instead of getting justice for side bae.  He meets with the mayor but the mayor disparages bae’s name.  DASSIT!  Marcus gotta stand by his dead side piece.  He outs the mayor for murdering his wife.  He feels like he’s ruined his career but Liv told him “You done did yo job”.  LOL

Whilst all this was going on Susan was being THAT VP!!! She was giving them Schoolhouse Rock when it came to this new bill that was supposed to require police around the country to follow certain rules: Brandon’s Law.  Susan read it like “nah son…this aint right”.  I agree.  Let them know…get it together.  She lowkey bucked on everyone.  Fitz even tried it (but we know he’s weak) and he ended up trying to rewrite it with her.  WIN FOR SUSAN!! She’s life!!

Did yall get into this quote like I did: “I am not here to advance my own agenda. I am not here to be your lap dog. The only reason I am here is to help make real change.”—Susan


oh…oh…it’s time.  I’m is still aint ready.  Papa Pope re-read Liv the riot act.  I don’t know why she don’t just say Yes Sir like she was raised.  She gotta rebel as a 30+ year old woman.  Girl…you already know there are consequences and repercussions when you piss off the hell and the high water.  I BLAME OLIVIA SHAQUANDA POPE!!! She just got my man killed.  HE GONE Y’ALL

First off…I need for them to have some secret codes or some ish so that they really know that texts and emails and pigeon notes are coming from each other.  Jake rolls up into Pope and Associates looking for Liv.  She aint eem there.  Who is there…a masked black man.  Who is this masked black man…Liv’s bar dick.

See..we should have smelled something fishy when he showed back up at her house talkin about he aint have no memory and he dont be drinking.  Boy quit lying.  She met you in the bar several nights.  PLANT ALERT PLANT ALERT.  Her daddy really controls every part of her.  Even that part that she told him was more powerfulerer than him. He was like OH…OH OK…you right…I’m about to run that too.  And he has!

BUT JAKE THO.  JAKE FROM STATE FARM…we love you. Yo rates were high…but we loved your service.  See what had happened was …was…I can’t deal


I got a feeling this won’t be the last fune’ of the season.  We at least gon’ be holding vigil in ICU before the season is done.


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    This post is hilarious!! Schoolhouse Rock. I’m is still ain’t ready. These memes!

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      Lol Thanks boo!

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