SexyShred Cycle 3

Ummm…hey (pretending like I haven’t been gone for months…hey…life is crazy, Jack)

So…other than OD’ing on Duck Dynasty for the last several months, I’ve been doing a lot.

I got a new job…praise Him.  I got a new apartment…praise Him.


And I got recurring bronchitis and respiratory infections and low functioning lungs…


well PRAISE HIM that i’m alive.


So the world took a back seat during this time…but now i’m better. *crossing fingers*

And i’m doing sexyshred cycle 3.  Since i started clean eating a couple of years ago, I like to use sexyshred as a “booster shot” to get my life in order.  This time it was super important since my asthma had me falling off in ALL aspects.  I wasn’t eating (yea not eatin poorly…i was not EATING…it made me sick when i did) and i surely wasn’t working out (walking was enough to have me coughing up my lungs).

But anyway…

A little before Sexyshred started, I started going to Aqua Zumba with two of my friends.  Once sexyshred started, we also added a gym day together.  I’m also starting spinning again and probably another class depending on my life schedule! lol

I havent unpacked my juicer since I moved but that hasn’t stopped the smoothie machine (mini blender)!!  I’m going to get back to really juicing soon too!

But Sexyshred has been good…i always have my moments of frustration but that’s with everything.  For anyone who doesn’t know what SexyShred is…it’s a social media based fitness challenge just based on the simple principles of eating VERY clean and working out a minimum of 4 hours a week with different eating and fitness challenges in between.  Here are a few pics from the cycle thus far…


and a pic of my “progress” from my hs reunion this weekend (i was ALL THE WAY off my “diet”…tis life)!!


WERK!!! I hope to be updating more often.

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    Yaaay! So proud of you. You’re doing a tremendous job and you’re making awesome progress. It’s an honor to accompany you on this journey. Let’s get iitttt! #OperationGetchoLife

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