SCANDALous Thoughts: S5E2- Like a good Neighbor…Jrake will be there

Shonda is really playing bald headed games with us.  It’s like when you put something under the broiler and it’s not quite browned then you blink twice and it’s BURNT TO A CRISP.  That’s what Shonda is doing to our lives.

I be all in my groove and then the last two seconds with the next weeks previews just have me re-laid out on the floor.


I must say I’m already enjoying this season.  This is the #ThrowByke season.  This is the #OriginalLiv tease season.  This is that good ish.  HOWSOMEVER…depending on how all this plays out after this last episode…it could be really good or really bad.

(random…have we seen pictures of Kerry’s baby child…goes to google…ok…she’ll be 25 before we see her…cool…Cyrus probably adopted the baby…LOL…random thought ended)

But let’s get all the other stuff out the way before I get to the topic at hand: JRAKE (from State Farm)!

First…Quinn was tryna win me over.  She is a RUINER.  She almost ruined my tolerance of her with how she tried my poor sweet demented Huck.  All he needs is a lil mo Jesus.

He just wanna be forgiven …be forgiven.


Lizzy just aint got no ack right.  Now she’s lowkey under Red’s thumb.  But really…it’s Cyrus’ thumb because Red needs a puppetmaster at all times.

Mellie just really don’t give an eff about this marriage.  Her end game is SO THE WHITE HOUSE.  She just needs Fitz so she can look good.  She doesn’t seem to care nor has she ever really cared about his indiscretions.

Are we lowkey wondering if this is why HRC didn’t trip about Big Willy.  Did she have this game plan to run for the Oval in mind back then too.  Who knows.


LASTLY…(BEFORE JRAKE) the real MVP of the episode is David.

David is like what you NOT gon do is get me almost KILLED for the 1870238475th time.  I like this pay check.  So I’m just gon plausible deniability this file into your hands so you can figure this ish out alone.

ok sis?!?!



Jake is the most loyalest boyfriend #2 ever.  He just like “babe i’ll cuddle with your while your man is acting up”.  Fitz is weak and fluffy.  Jrake gon’ be there so she no concerned.  Plus he can handle his own.  I think Jrake is just too confident in himself for Olivia.

“Like a good Neighbor…Jrake will be there”

Olivia is a fixer through and through.  She’s so attracted to Fitz because it’s a hot mess.  She has to fix him.  She’s captain save a hot mess.  Think about it…whenever Fitz tries to get a little bass in his voice…Liv pulls back.  When he sounds all defeated on that voicemail, her lip quivers and she falls on the DAGGER.

She didn’t even text him a warning.  they have this whole tragic ass relationship and they don’t even talk about it.  They operate like they aren’t a team and this is why their relationship is a hot mess because the foundation…AINT NO FOUNDATION.


Mama Pope already said it best.  Liv is an ol’ attention hungry.  Let me bust this ish up so it can look like a fixed it typa chick.

“Did your father and I not say you were special enough when you were little? Did we not give you enough hugs? This uppity fantasy world that you decided to be a part of — it’s not real, boo.” —Mama Pope

She is sooooo dumb for this darn announcement.  Like girl…you were flustered when you came up on one of yall’s auntie’s in the diner.  WHOSE AUNTIES WERE THOSE?  It was definitely one of yall’s.  It was Aunt Debra wasn’t it.  Debra her name aint it.  All up on IG, Facetime, Periscope like look at Olivia.

So now that she’s done pushed her self into the spotlight…HOW SHE GON’ WORK.  She can’t take cases like this can she.  She can’t do her job.  Monica L. aint had a job in her whole life.  Her resume ends at white house INTERN.  Guh.  You aint thought a damb thang through.

You know Papa Pope probably in her living room right now and gon’ look at her when she walks into the door like “Olivia Shaniqua Pope…I raised you better than this”.

We’ll see how this plays out next week.

p.s.  I aint forgot about Sally.  I won’t her not to exist…ANYMORE.  As well…she got dirt.  She killed her hubby.  Like shouldn’t SHE be on HTGAWM.


What yall thing?

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    HA! Spot on! Those aunties were out of control!

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