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It seems like when the temperatures rise, there are always things to do.  When there are things to do, there are things to buy.  And baby, y’all know I’m cheap…well frugal…well nah cheap.  I hate spending money!  Y’all know I been couponing for several years now and I have a stockpile that keeps on replenishing my life.  My couponing does not stop at food…it continues to everything.  I’m forever looking for a sale and a coupon and an extra percent off with free shipping on top.  It’s like an algebra problem…and it will get solved.  So, you know I was hyped to discover Groupon Coupons recently.


We know ’tis the season to go broke.  You have Mother’s Day, Graduations, Father’s Day, MY BIRTHDAY, Weddings, Baby Showers, and random cookouts!  It’s just like everyone wants to squeeze in a lifetime of activities into the Spring/Summer time.  I’m not mad because I won’t go outside in the winter…but still.  So…all that said…I need to buy gifts for like 60% of these events.  So …yea…Groupon Coupons to the rescue.

When I tell you this site has coupons for stores that your favorite’s favorite’s favorite coupon site doesn’t have…I’m not lying.  Just gon’ take a moment and click right here to see.  I’ll wait on you…



You got your whole entire life right.  See this is my plan…I’m going to hop on over to Macy’s and get most of those graduation and wedding gifts out the way and probably some stuff for me but I mean  I may as well shop for me right. 1 for you 2 for me IF I have to spend money…right.  Plus…I GOT A GROUPON COUPON for that!  Then I’m going to hop on over to Carter’s for these baby shower gifts.  All these baby showers and won’t nobody let me borrow their kids.  I mean I just want to hold them and squeeze them and cuddle them but not be financially responsible for them.  Auntie Whitney is the BEST AUNTIE!!

And since I have to attend all these events and be cute…thank goodness they have all the plus size friendly stores on Groupon Coupons as well because our clothes are not cheap.  So I’m going to have all my gifts and all my outfits at a discount!  #WontHeDoIt!!

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What will you use Groupon Coupons to buy?


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    Great post! I love saving money, and I love Groupon so this is indeed a great combo! I always am looking for deals on my fitness wear, but I’m also pregnant so baby clothes and nursery items it is! Thanks for this.

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      Awww congrats on the baby!

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