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So, I was running around on Thursday morning and I knew that I was not going to have time to get together something to bring for lunch.  This is almost a tragedy for me because there isn’t much around my job especially that’s quick and fits into my diet plan.  I was just going to go get some nachos or something.  I decided to message my coworker and ask had she brought lunch.  She had.  DANG!

But wait…It’s 11am…she doesn’t want her lunch she brought.  So, we decide that we are going to run out of her and go get some lunch.  After quickly looking around because I want fish we decide to go to Sassafras because it isn’t far from work and we heard good things about the food.

So we get there and there is a couple ahead of us waiting to be seated but the restaurant is rather empty.  I read a review on yelp about the wait (even when it’s empty) so I was hoping that wasn’t the case with us.  We’re seated rather quickly though so good.

Someone comes to take our drink order.  The drink machine is down tho so they only have bottled soda.  Ok.  She also tells us she won’t be taking our order because she’s just helping out.  In the background a couple people are running around all over the place like there are a million customers…there aren’t.  So we’re looking at each other like…HERE WE GO!

So we’re in for an epic wait.  The same woman who is unable to initially take our order came back to TAKE OUR ORDER.  So we’re like FINALLY and go back to our conversation.  Minutes later she brings over who will be our waitress and explains what we ordered to the waitress at our table.  We look at each other WTF is going on.  The owner and I presume chef also comes out to talk to a table.  People who were sitting long before us are just getting their food.  So, we’re thinking that he needs to saunter back into the kitchen because we’ve been waiting!

We get our food. I got the Catfish plate and my coworker got the stuffed peppers.  My food was good.  The fish was seasoned well as were the green beans.  The macaroni and cheese was alright but it wasn’t horrible.  My coworker said her food was good but something was missing with the stuffed pepper.  It was good but it could have been better.

Our final assessment is that the food is good but the service was horrible.  As we were asking for our check, our actual waitress finally comes back and says she had just gotten there right before we did and that the other guy was just starting.  Ma’am we didn’t need to know all this at the end.  I spoke with other coworkers and they all said they seem to have issues keeping servers there.

So if you decide to try it…order to go!!


If you’d like more restaurant reviews, let me know.


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