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Update May 2016: We must reach out to our sane conservative friends NOW.  Donald Trump is on the verge of being the official nominee for the presidency of the Republican party.  There is no better time to mend those bridges and go comfort a sane conservative today.  The time is here.  Their party has fallen off the deep end and I’m sure they are confused and bewildered.  HELP THEM.


Original Post: Oct 5, 2015

You know things are bad for someone when a black, overweight, fatherless, and disabled WOMAN feels bad for you.  Like son…but I do.  The new growing minority (wait does that make sense…like they are quickly becoming a minority of the party…like they Benjamin Button growing…WHATEVER…yall get it) are sane conservatives.

A lot of us encounter these folks every day.  They are among us but sometimes they are too shamed to proudly and boldly shout their affiliations because the vast majority of conservatives in our face lately have been the ones where logic isn’t QUITE their thing.  Even the ones who are GENIUSES by every standard are just down right ridiculously bad sensed these days.

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The list of Conservatives who make it hard for your average sane Conservative (click the names for but a mere snippet of some of the foolery):

I tried to wait until the Pope left the States to post this because I knew some of these crazy Conservatives (CCs) were going to act a fool.  But BABY…he wasn’t here for a good minute.  The jet lag hadn’t even hit him before the craziness ensued.




Once John Boehner had his ‘come to Jesus’ moment, I had to pause as well.  While I’m happy ol’ Johnny has seen the “light” and won’t be the same grumpy cat her formerly was…for himself.  I lowkey wish he had taken this new mindset and stood up for what’s “right” in his current position.  I kind of feel like while everyone is kind of celebrating this, it opens the door for one of the REAL not so Sane ones to creep in and cause even more confuzzlement.


Now…I’m not saying that Boehner is going into the sane category yet.  He’s in what I’d like to call “having sense” purgatory.  We don’t quite know which way he’ll go.

But in the meantime…let’s stand with and hug our sane conservative friends.  They’ve had it rough.  These are the friends we can spark civil debate with on facebook and there’s no name calling or unsubstantiated “facts” being thrown around.  These are the friends who make you think about your position and make you a better debater and fact checker.  These are the folks that you can agree to disagree with and still turn up with or turn down depending on how you roll.

You know these people…THEY NEED US.  Tell a Sane Conservative that you stand with them TODAY!!


Help them with this CRAZY CONSERVATIVE TAKEOVER.  We gotta help them SHUT IT DOWN.  I’d rather play fair with the sane ones and win.  LOL.  I just don’t want to continue to lose hope (and possibly freedoms if we get a President Trump…ugh).

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    I am dying. So true though. Some of my friends be low key trying to dismiss some of these people. I’m like, “na playa, we had to claim Raven Samone you gonna claim these fools.”

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