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Protect your Sacred Gem

One of the things that I've always appreciated about the internet and social media in particular is the ability to connect with awesome folks who you would have never known about otherwise.  It broadens your horizons immensely. 

I would be dead wrong if I didn't share these people and the awesome things they do with you.  I want you to support, show up, show out, or simply say "hey, I see that amazing work you doing 👀".  Sometimes that means more than a purchase...but purchase too.


In my travels along the internet,  the ones that stick out most are those who like to know...fearlessly pursue the desires of their hearts and try their best to be THE BEST.  Even when times get rough, these folks will always come back stronger and better.

One of the people I came across recently was Brie.  Brie is a "creative Queen with a dream".  If that's not FEARCE, I don't know what is. 


Brie is a chef and also the genius behind The Sacred Gem.  I promise you, if you haven't heard of the sacred gem, get your life and get over there and check it out.  Support a Sista!  I took a moment to talk to Brie about what The Sacred Gem is and why she started the business.

Brie: I created The Sacred Gem out of necessity! I'm a creative and believe in homeopathic, all natural products. If I can heal it with herbs and natural ingredients, I'd rather do so.
Blessed with amazing skin, I don't get acne on my face! If and when I do get breakouts, it was in my genital area. Talk about embarrassing. I tried a bunch of products suggested to me on the market with no results. My aesthetician who did my waxes told me to exfoliate often.... But nothing I purchased worked. One day I was like dammit, I'm a chef and a naturalist! So I got in my kitchen and played around with some ingredients, reading and researching what was best for the skin, especially for WOC. I came up with the Yoni Polish and it was working. Like immediately! Like,  within 24hrs. To make sure it wasn't a fluke, I passed out samples to my friends and a few strangers and every last one of them had nothing but amazing things to say. This is how The Sacred Gem was born! With a hunger for knowledge and healing and a necessity to feed the minds of those who are unaware of the beauty of their bodies and vaginas, I continue to learn and create! So many women aren't even aware of the need for my products until they work them into their beauty regimen and that is how I'm (slowly but organically) creating a growing cult following of people who swear by my products.

Sacred Education

Brie is out here enlightening folks.  She wants you to have the knowledge to take care of yourself.

Brie: I've also, always had a natural and healthy interest in sex and educating people on sex practice and unleashing the god and goddess within. People don't know their bodies, they just know that they like having sex but they are missing out on the spiritual and awakened portion of sex. Every week I host a "show"  on Periscope called The Sacred Diaries where I discuss taboo and enlighten and educational sexual topics. You haven't even seen the half of what I have in store for Sacred!

You can follow Brie on social media here:

Instagram: The Sacred Gem

Periscope: The Sacred Diaries

Check Brie out and let her know Whit sent you!!  So what yall ordering?

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