#RHOA and #RHOP weekly recaps…NO MORE?

So, I’ve had a couple weeks off reviews from RHOA and RHOP due to a trip that lasted through Sunday and the Superbowl.  During that time, I did some re-evaluations of the content on my site and also of my time.  


To not prolong the decision, I’ve decided to no longer include weekly recaps of RHOA and RHOP on the site.  They were becoming way more of a burden than an enjoyable thing to write about.  I want to enjoy writing here and not feel a burden to do so.  

I may from time to time pop up with a RHOA recap if I feel the need.  I’ll also likely still be live tweeting the show as well as running a thread on the show on my Facebook page

Unfortunately, with the return of THE WALKING DEAD…i won’t be watching RHOP in real time (if at all honestly…because…i’m unmoved) so there likely won’t be any content on it. 


This isn’t the end of television reviews period though…I do plan to still do them but they will be a little more convenient and a little more relevant to the content I provide on the site in general.


Can you guess what show I’ll definitely be reviewing/recapping this season?

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