Relationship Woes: Tyga and Neyo

These guys…man…these guys.  They definitely on the same whack dude train but definitely in different train cars.  One is squarely in the trifling section while the other one is in the disgusting section.  They may can be able to switch cars when necessary though now that I think about it.


Well let’s start with the more “clear” cut situation.

Tyga is disgusting as FUCK! We’ve all sat back lowkey and highkey sideeyeing his relationship with the Jenner girl.  However, they were denying that they were together or had been “together”.  Well…that’s because she was like 12 right.  Yea.

As soon as she’s legal…in some what of a disgusting birthday present…he releases this song and video “Stimulated”

My stomach turned at the line “she a big girl, dog” EWWW…the hell.  Not only that it’s followed by “when she stimulated”


Fortunately, my ears hadn’t been punished with this song before the video came out.  Aside from the disgusting nature of the song…it’s TRASH.  Tyga has zero lyrical prowess.  I think I rap better than that when I’m mumbling in my sleep.  And then add on the subject matter.  As well, the video…TRASH…and lil’ Jenner girl is in the video being kissed and felt up on. It’s just as if he’s rubbing our faces in the pile of shit like “you can’t do shit now”.  Word is…the song that’s sampled is called “Children”…BRUH…BRUH!!! This is some PRIME sick shit.  And he thinks this won’t be coming around to bite him in the ass…HAHAHA…i’ll wait.  If you just NEED to see it click here -> Watch this shit if you want.  I’ll link it but I aint embedding that mess.

On to the next…

This situation is a little more “complicated” but let’s say none of the complications take away from the fact that Neyo is a grade A, teacher’s pet, valedictorian ASSHOLE!  So if you haven’t heard by now…Neyo’s girlfriend is pregnant…well fiance.  He clarified today or whenever that they were indeed NOT yet married…which adds another layer to this fuckery.


So let’s start here.  He and his ex Monyetta decided that she was going to have MAJOR ASS SURGERY to get her tubes tied because they didn’t want any more kids.  I’m not one to dictate what one does with their bodies but why did they go for the hardest shit.  Birth control is easier, him getting snipped is easier, him getting snipped is more reversible, and the list goes on.  But they made this decision together as an engaged pair with 2 kids.  FINE.  But then he dumps her via text or some whack stuff like that.

Ok…Yea yea…lady…hard way to learn that you shouldn’t be making permanent decisions with someone who isn’t permanent…but alas wait…they were engaged with TWO permanent decisions already…a girl and a boy.  It’s safe to say, she probably thought she was good and he wouldn’t just leave her like that.  Even so…lessons learned.  It really reeks of him not wanting her to have any more kids with ANYONE THAT WASN’T HIM all while saying HE didn’t want any more…WITH HER.

Oh but now…he goes on to get with this other lady…Crystal I think.  She’s now knocked up.  Oh I thought you didn’t want any more kids Neyo.  That’s like a good backhanded slap across an already bruised face.


And he’s marrying her…nope they aren’t already married.  And…i know he’s all famous…can sing…has some money…but LADIES…CAN WE COLLECTIVELY WISE UP!!  Like if I read a dude’s ex-fax report and the last owner was dumped with two kids AFTER getting a ring…please believe my womb aint gon’ be open to you until some time after we’re married because bruh.  Who is to say Neyo won’t get cold feet again and break up with Crystal via twitter dm.  He’s a whack human for this mess and karma.

I’m tired of talking about foolery…I gots to go!!

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