Reflections: The Natural Hair Industry Convention

I had previously planned to be a little more timely with this post. However, I needed some time to digest the amount of amazingness that I experienced at the Natural Hair Industry Convention. Uzo-Aduba-Winning-SAG-Awards-2015-GIF-Photos And I needed even more time to start putting a lot of the information into practice. I got there early and before breakfast had ended my mind was blown and I had already received valuable advice and met some amazing people.  It was a surreal moment to be sitting among such amazing women.  There is no more life altering feeling than being in a space surrounded by generations of women who are dynamic, trail-blazing, tenacious, opinionated, and who understand you! giphy I honestly didn’t know what to exactly expect when this came across my radar but I knew (based on who was organizing it) that it was going to be something worthwhile…which is why I signed up without hesitation. Little did I know it would be something sort of revolutionary for me.  It would be a day of “ah ha” moments, a day or connections, a day or knowledge, a day of laughs, a day of real talk, a day or beauty, a day or blackness and a day of business.  There is NOTHING I regret about the day and can’t wait until next year’s event and any events in the meantime.  My mind is still blown. d443ff9 Not only did the even revolutionize the way I thought about my brand it did the same for my SELF!!  I feel honored and forever humbled to have been a part of the first one. I won’t even mention all of the AMAZING products that I walked away with.  The bag was so big that I almost left it in the car to bring in later.  But I couldn’t risk all that luxuriousness being left in my car.  What if some nefarious natural walked by and stole it all from my car.  LOL  I got so much stuff in my goody bag that I already felt like I was stealing. raccoon-steals-cat-food-o   So…do you want to attend the event next year?  I so think you should if it’s your thing.  I’ve already told two of my friends that they HAVE NO CHOICE but to be in the building next year.  I almost had to profusely apologize because I hadn’t made them come this year because I knew how much they missed.  Either way, they will be there in 2016.   Check out some pics from the event below and OF COURSE the vlog will be on youtube SOON!!

<3 YALL!

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