Real Housewives of Potomac: S1 E2 “Divas, Queens and Bubalas”

We pick back up at the crab boil.  Giselle and Karen finish their argument.  Meanwhile, Charisse is still upstairs with her friend talking about how rude Gizelle was.  We just enter into the drama huh.  No good moment to even breathe huh.


Gizelle pulls Charisse aside to try to make up but both of them are being funny acting.  Karen gets into it again too and she’s talking crazy to Gizelle’s friend.  She’s so disrespectful because she feels like she’s better than him.  

Katie, the little ol’ lady who lived in a shoe, brought her children and they are acting up a bit.  They are not here for the crab boil. 


So then we’re at Katie’s house and the Rabbi comes by the house.  She’s bi-racial and Jewish.  She says she doesn’t know any black Jews.   She’s the most BASIC chick ever.  She wants so much to be different.  I just can’t even deal with her.

She is getting her children to have their Jewish names.  She said she was raised very Jewish but she’s failing all these questions he’s giving her.  This is just something else she’s doing just because.  She wants her “future fiance in the ceremony too”.  The rabbi looks around like …”GIRL”

We are then ushered over to raggedy Karen’s house.  She’s the prime example of you can take the girl out the barn yard but you can’t take the barn yard out the girl.  SHE AIN’T GOT NO MANNERS!!

She begins to discuss her husband’s family and she says his family is very prestigious and elitist. 

I didn’t know we were walking around here touting elitism.  I guess she feels her husbands small coin (because he is not even worth 1/10th of Beyonce…real talk) allows them to be above SOOO many.  She begins talking about Aunt Dot who is coming to visit.  Aunt Dot is supposedly the sugar honey iced tea when it comes to etiquette.

But then Aunt Dot gets there and she’s acting raggedy about some regular supermarket Lipton tea.  Girl bye…


So Gizelle, Ashley, lil ol’ lady, and Robyn are at the this event.  AAAAHHHH Ashley…she was the one I was missing last week.  Well here she is now.  She’s throwing this event and she is a WILD CHILD.  

She’s a cutie with natural hair that is bothering Gizelle’s entire soul and giving me so much life.  Ashley is married to a man that’s about twice her age.  She has no filter.  If it’s possible to have less than no filter…it would be called being Ashley.

On the low, I hear Ashley is about her business and she is true about where she came from and her husband upgraded her.  OK GIRL…get it!  Also…her house is actually the only one where I was like…HHEEYY!!

We briefly get into the conversation with some of the ladies about what is black, white, bi-racial …etc etc.  Since there is such a diverse group here that may look similar in skin tone but have different backgrounds, I feel like this will end up being interesting.  I feel like I remember Gizelle not having them not saying they are “just black”.


Then Gizelle invites Charrisse and Karen to lunch to try to make up to them.  I must say that I’m not 100% sure how I feel about Gizelle yet but she is one who does apologize.  However, these heffas love giving her a whole hard time.  Why are they haters?  I’m going to have to root for Gizelle.  I just decided! 


Do you have a Real Housewife of Potomac that you are rooting for yet?


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