Real Housewives of Potomac: S1 E1 “Mind Your Manners”

So this first “recap” won’t really be a recap.  I don’t know these ladies so we have to take a moment to get acclimated to them.  They are up the street though.  Let me go see if they want to have tea.


So they start off talking about how exclusive Potomac is.  You can only move in with a large cash flow or legacy? 


We start with Gizelle.  She acts like folks were so sad that she moved away.  She was married to Jamal Bryant who cheated all up and down on her so she moved back to Potomac.

Gizelle says she’s not having all these etiquette rules and she plays by her own rules.  I have a feeling I’m going to like and hate her.



She’s going to lunch with her bf.  She says she loves her men white and Jewish.  Something wasn’t quite right about how she said that.  She has 3 kids under 3 because she’s been married before. 

Idk if i’m here for Katie.  What is her life about, what is she about, what could she do without her “money”.



Robyn is a soror.  She better not embarrass me. LOL

She’s been divorced and is selling her dress.  She married someone in the NBA and he was cheating all the time…as per usual.

So she and Juan are divorced but still live together and ALL THAT.  They not seeing other people…this is an interesting situation.




Karen is actually married.  WE HAVE A WIFE YALL…HOORAY!!! She deems her husband “The Black Bill Gates”

I think I already gave up watching this and it’s only been on for 27 minutes.

Wait…i missed this new lady arriving…what’s her name?

Charrisse…ok cool.

Her husband was the coach for the wizards and now he’s a coach at Rutgers. So they think Charisse is putting up a front about her relationship.  I think they are probably right about this.

Ok y’all…HONESTY MOMENT…I’ve given up on the show at this point…I’m going to give it another try next week because it’s only fair but …I don’t know I feel about these quick weave having “rich” folks. I also realized I missed someone’s introduction.  Yea…I’m just going to bless y’all with Justin J’s review so you can know what happened on the rest of the episode.  

I did tweet about it a little though:

If they say etiquette ONE MORE TIME…I promise you I won’t be able to handle it! What were yall’s thoughts?

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