Real Housewives of Atlanta: S8 E9 “Shade for Days”


This episode was so full of mess and was also so boring.  I’m over it before it even starts.  I really can’t even say much about it.  I’m over the rehearsed drama over nothing and I’m tired of everyone trying to release a product every episode.  Come on…I see why Nene left. But really, Kandi, I know she has another mouth to feed but this irrational drama.  She needs to have several seats.  I know there is a such thing as pregnancy brain and it makes some folks loopy.  Phaedra was loopy to me when she was pregnant.  I’m trying to give Kandi the benefit of the doubt and say that’s her issue but she and Todd are annoying me more than Kenya right now and that’s saying a lot.  

Since I can’t really find the words for this episode…I’m going to let JustinJ1232 tell y’all all about it.  I’ll add a few highlights below.


Todd and Phaedra:

I really still am not here for Todd.  Phaedra grossly overestimated her payments and threw some epic shade but I still feel like Todd was messy boots.  Even if he did send emails like Kandi claims on instagram, this was a hot mess.  He should have continued to handle it as a business man instead of trying to hide behind Kandi doing the dirty work and talking mess behind her back…THREE YEARS LATER.  


Kenya’s dad is in town.  They discuss their relationship and it’s kind of sad.  From what Kenya had said it seemed like neither of her parents wanted her but she ran away from her daddy.  LAWD.  I’m gonna pray for them because it’s led her to go to dating seminars talking about the ever tragic fatherless daughter.




She ain’t got no concern for her sister and that baby but she’s right she has to make that coin.  She’s doing really well on that red carpet. She’s all extra giddy. This works well for her.  I’m happy she’s tapping into her talent.


Cynthia is setting up an appreciation event with Marlo.  They are apparently besties now.  She’s desperately seeking friends.  She’s also all extra dressed for this dinner with the Tuckers and I’m over her entire story line…BORING.



She’s a shitty friend!






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    Honey I am just too thru with RHWOA!!! I only watch it here and there so I can have some sort of clue to what’s going on when my mom and MIL bring it up in discussion.

    I hope to never have a “friend” like Kandi. She just be doing too much for me and Cynthia (rolls eyes) I’ve been looking at her with the side eye since she started on the show!

    Great Post.

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      Thanks Stacie! Kandi is a hot mess dot com!! I’m so over her entire part on the show.

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