Real Housewives of Atlanta: S8 E8 “There’s No Business Like Friend Business”

We start off with family bonding.

Kim is talking on facetime with her sister and Cynthia gets a delivery of yellow roses from Peter that her assistant likely set up for him.

Kandi and Todd are off to meet with Demetria and Roger Bob…the last season I watched Demetria was a guest on the show right.  I guess she was tired of the bs or they couldn’t afford her.

Kandi is talking with Demetria about a song they are doing together. So, they flashback to all the shenanigans that Kandi has had with working with folks but it seems like her collab with Demetria is cool.

I see why she keeps Don juan on her team because he does look out for her well being even when she doesn’t. He pretty much is like your old self needs to sit down and pace yourself.  He essentially takes the place of Todd because he ain’t nothing but a sperm donor and a warm body.


Now we’re at Phaedra’s.  One of Apollo’s friends, Bun, shows up with gifts for the boys.  Bun is trying to step in and be there fore the boys while Apollo is gone.  She says that Ayden knows where his father is and that Ayden sends him emails on the regular.  They get those emails pretty quick too and I hear Apollo got the technology on the inside too.  Wasn’t he messaging someone on instagram or something.

Bun is saying that Apollo was checking for Phaedra for forever and that he just messed this up.  Oh well.  Get over it Apollo.  Folks love to go to jail and reflect on life and want you to accept them afterwards. 

We are at the video shoot for Kandi and Demetria.  Kandi hasn’t been in a video since 1983.  WE already know this is going to be a struggle.  Todd rolls in on his hoverboard.  He surely bought one of the $56 ones that is likely going to explode. 

Phaedra and Porsha show up to the set to support Kandi.  They are set to watch her shoot her scenes and holler and squeal this song to the best of her little abilities.

Before we get to that…we see Kenya and Marlo going to the gym.  They are at the gym with a full set of makeup and full on hair done.  They clearly aren’t serious.   


So one of Kenya’s friends, Matt, shows up.  She met him in the gym and he’s a trainer.  Marlo says that Kenya and Matt need to date.  Kenya tells Matt to call her.  She’s not that interested because he’s a lot younger and doesn’t have everything on her must have list.  SMDH…these lists. 

Don Juan is extra extra on the set.  He’s making sure Kandi doesn’t fall.  Phaedra and Porsha are over there cheering her on on the sidelines.  She’s doing a good job dancing and the clothes are hiding that baby bump.  

Cynthia and Peter are going out on a date.  She’s saying she wasn’t woo’d by the flowers. So he MADE THAT GRAND EFFORT to leave his real woman and come to Atlanta to take his wife to dinner.  She said before they would just hang out and they used to talk and he wanted to know everything about her….including how much money she REALLY had.  

So he MADE THAT GRAND EFFORT to leave his real woman and come to Atlanta to take his wife to dinner. Click To Tweet

Looks like their date and story line plot went well.  Cynthia acts so special.  She said Peter is never romantic and then they have a montage of all the romantic stuff he’s done. 

So Kenya accepts the date from Matt.  They are playing basketball.  He said they wagering and playing to see when he’s going to be her boyfriend.  He went from cute to corny in the beat of a heart…

He is likely not into her like that.  He see the lights…actions…HOLLYWOOD.


She says that him being more “anxious” at first isn’t her thing and she likes to take time…or hire her men. 

Now we’re at the part where we gon have to cry.  Ayden is about to start Kindergarten.  LLAAWWDD wasn’t he just born.

They are driving off to school and are having a bonding moment.  He says he’s scared because his mommy won’t be with him wherever he goes and he’s sad.  His little eyes are tearing up.  She said he’s always gonna be her baby.

She praying with her baby and tearing up.  I love Phaedra and her motherhood.  She loves her babies so much.

Porsha is at home in next to nothing and awaiting a phone call on skype from Oliver.  She and Oliver have been talking ever day apparently.  She knows she loves an e-relationship.


They are having a cute little conversation on skype.  Porsha is just a sucker for love.  I kind of want her to sit down and be with herself for a while instead of boo-hoping!  Oliver doesn’t seem to be about much other than getting all up in her draws. 

Kim is happy and giddy that she gets to go out and hang with her husband at the video release.  Todd is getting his hair cut in the house.  He tells Kandi not to dress up too much because he doesn’t want to.  Wait isn’t this for a video KANDI is in.  Todd is a hindrance.

He’s sill talking about how Phaedra hasn’t paid him and it’s been weeks since Kandi talked to her.  However, I’m like…have YOU talked to her Todd.  He’s such a pathetic piece of mess.

Everyone is at the video release party.  Cynthia is excited to actually be there with her husband.  Kim is in hot pants and with her husband.  She’s feeling herself.  Kim is sporting the Winter 2016 line of She by Sheree.  I know it. 


Kim is sporting the Winter 2016 line of She by Sheree. I know it. Click To Tweet

“Kim looks like a confused prostitute at disney world” – Kenya 

So Peter is sitting with the guys and is discussing with Todd’s issues with Phaedra.  Peter’s such a drama queen. Ain’t he supposed to stop being in other folks business.  I guess he said he’s still here for his peach!  Won’t no one come for his spot.


Kandi is actually killing it in this video.  Go girl!!  It’s interesting to see that folks still putting work into videos for them to go straight to the net.  Do folks watch them on tv anywhere anymore?  

Phaedra said Kandi did good and she asks Todd to stop by her office and talk.  I guess she had to step up since Todd was just going to whisper about it in the background.  He even runs up to Kandi like “did you say anything?”.  Bruh…DID YOU?  He’s a sorry piece of a man ain’t he.  I’m going to have to send Mama Joyce half of an apology because although she acted a fool…she was bought right about lil man Todd.

 Phaedra walks out and is telling Porsha and Shamea about the exchange and how she’s going to be talking to him later.  Porsha tries to get the deets of what exactly this is about.  They explain it and it isn’t anything that’s just grossly negative.

Don Juan is eaaves dropping and rolls up.  He comes over and starts so much ish.  He is a hot mess.  He’s drunk as a skunk.  The preview shows him running back to Kandi with the tea.  Since Kandi has not a bone in her back she’s going to believe Don Juan.  I wish she would grow up.  

What did yall think about this episode?  What was the most ridiculous moment?

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