Real Housewives of Atlanta: S8 E7 “Miami Spice”

So for the first time these chicks are taking men home on a trip.  Like aren’t yall the housewives.  Yall out here tricking like y’all single…oh wait!

Kenya is running her mouth in an effort to flirt but Glen is not here for it.  Glen’s friend Jason looking on like “dont try my boo”.

Kim steps away to call her husband and asks if he was able to properly open and disburse the can of spaghetti o’s.  You know the boys gotta have her good ol’ canned cooking I guess.  I just need her to accept that her life has been lost so she can stop bringing down everyone else with her foolery.


Kandi comes downstairs like “What the hell is going on between the sheets in my home?” “Who are these men in the house?”  The thing I’ve noticed is that these dudes are all real ENTITLED. They are acting like they already know they are staying there for the night and they probably think they are getting the cheeks.

So Tammy’s nephew and this other dude are a lil nuts.  They extra.  You have to be careful who you bring into your circle.  I’m sure (from the preview) they will learn this shortly.

Porsha gets out the pool and starts twerking and acting crazy.  She really went from stepford wife to queen of thotland.  It’s the Mariah Carey syndrome.  

She really went from stepford wife to queen of thotland. It's the Mariah Carey syndrome. Click To Tweet



So Kenya finally sees that her lil boo thang Glenn is aggressive and may be a few sparklers short of a fireworks show.  Well if he’s related to Tammy we know he has some screws loose.  She is foolishly crazy.   So Kenya wants him to leave.  She tells his aunt.  So Porsha sees it’s getting crazy so she escorts her boo out early.  Good thinking Porsha.  

***this is where the details get IMPORTANT**


As Glen was being escorted out, the ladies all walked into the house.  As they are exciting, he asks “what’s that for” to Kenya.  THIS is when she explained herself which she has a right to do in response to his question.  Kenya didn’t volunteer the information.


So dude steps to Kenya and calls her a real bitch (unlike how Porsha did Cynthia). They rightfully call security.  He gets crunk and pushed his aunt and she was passed out on the floor. The security has to eff him allt he way up.  He was really tring to fight them.

This dude is certified nuts.

This is one situation that I agree could have been handled better but you can’t blame Kenya for him being absolutely ridiculous.   

So then Kandi is telling about her interaction with him.  That was the way to neutralize the situation and bring it into perspective because it wasn’t just with Kenya that he turned up with .

Kim decides to leave and of course she was just brimming for a reason to leave and plus everyone was congregated in her bedroom (the living room).

The next morning…

So Kandi is saying that Tammy and her nephew came back to the house last night.  They have footage of the encounter and Tammy is standing there like a monster.  She straight looks psycho.  


Cynthia’s commentary is …i can’t place it.  She needs help.


So now we go into the analysis stage: 

Phaedra said we can’t be labeling our boys.  They are an endangered species.   But this boy…idk if he’s all right.  But it is something that needs to be spoken about.  She and Sheree have a moment.  It’s a real topic but MISPLACED.

So all the rest of the girls that are left are going out.  They call Tammy to check on her.  

Phaedra tells her to come to dinner at the house and just bring yo plate.  Cynthia special mind tells her they don’t need plates.  Y’all see what I mean.  Cynthia’s mental space isn’t functioning properly.


Kim is back with her family and they go to the park.  But they are discussing Kenya. She apparently has been discussing whether or not to still work with Kenya.  She gave that more thought than i expected.

She’s watched Kenya’s work….and hated it.  She likes Kenya’s friends tho.  I’m assuming these are the other souls that Kenya got to be in her pilot episode or her “team”.


The hubby is like bump that…nah trick nah.

Kim recognizes that and says “if you are bringing me game of thrones i may deal with a little foolishness’

I’m still trying to figure out while she’s on this show.  Something about Kim on the show doesn’t ring genuine to me right now.

Back in Miami…

So Porsha is going on a date with Oliver.  Kenya is prying into Cynthia’s life asking about Peter.  Cynthia decides to call Peter to tell him she’s gonna drop it low and spread it wide when she gets home.  In other words…don’t wear yourself out with my sisterwife.

Cynthia decides to call Peter to tell him she's gonna drop it low and spread it wide when she gets home. Click To Tweet

Guess she saw how foolish some of these men are and she’s thankful for Peter even if she has to share him.

Oliver sends a car for Porsha.  I’m still not here for him.  He seems to be with Porsha for her booty and her beauty…but…that may be all she’s saying.  Can’t be mad at him for ordering a pizza at Pizza Hut.  They don’t sell crab cakes.



The ladies close the trip out on a positive note…that’s good.

But we know it won’t last.

The ladies are all getting settled back into their daily lives.  Kenya building her mansion, Kim with her family, Kandi at home with her mini Brady bunch. 

Kandi mentions that she and Phaedra are in a good place and she’s also happy her step daughter is back in school.  I’m happy too because Riley roasted that poor child for not being in college in a prior season.

Kenya and Kim are having lunch later.

So Kenya is asking her why Kim felt uncomfortable.  Kim is saying that Kenya provoked it all.  THIS I DISAGREE WITH.  I know I know, I’m definitely NOT team Kenya…I’m all about NOT blamin’ Kenya for this.



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