Real Housewives of Atlanta: S8 E6 “Bienvenido a Miami”

So this week the ladies are headed to MIAMI!!  As IF they need to be cooped up together again.  And low and behold Kenya and Porsha have co-sponsored this trip.

Before they leave, Sheree and Kandi are going to see Moore Manor.  Kenya’s gotten a little work done on the house like clearing out the cobwebs and mold and now she wants to stunt.  

Shamea and Porsha are going shopping and Phaedra meets them at the store.  They are shopping for Miami and they wanna be thotolicious.  

Because Bravo got BIG GUAP since Nene left, they will be bringing Tammy along and Shamea on the trip.  Due to her erratic behavior and history with the crew, Kandi and Sheree aren’t really sure about Tammy going.  Girl but Bravo is because she’s just a box of hot messness and drama waiting to happen.


Kim’s packing to go and it seems like she’s having separation anxiety already.  Let’s get to pray fror her already.  Her son seems like he’s trying to comfort her on the trip more than the reverse.  I’m still trying to gather my feelings about why she’s on the show.  I must say her shady is creeping out which leaves me really to believe that she’s “acting”.  She’s playing this “sad/lonely/no life having housewife” role because it was an unmet need on the show.  I heard she needed the coint…so…what better way to get some than meet an unmet need.


They get to the airport and they have tons of luggage like they are going for WEEEEEKKSS. Tammy’s husband is there…with his natzi white ass.   Kim has never been away from her family and this 3 days is weighing on her whole spirit.  I still have the prayer warriors on call in case we need them for her.



Shamea is meeting them at the house in Miama.  Porsha claims she sent her ahead to make sure things are right.  However, she’s not on the RHOA money yet likely.  She was probably put on the greyhound bus down or they flew her on Spirit Airlines.

Kenya of course is sideeyeing Shamea’s life as usual.  And sidenote: Kenya’s face looks rather tight in her confessional.  What did she have done?

The ladies as usual are running around deciding who gets what rooms.  They decide that Kandi can have the master bedroom because she has a mini Todd growing in her belly.  How thoughtful!  Kim stakes out the living room for herself.  PO THANG!! Someone get Iyanla on the phone.  I think this may be the one issue Iyanla’s allowed to actually counsel on.  I just can’t grasp why she just wants to be so lowly. 



Tammy hops all up in Kim’s living room space.  Meanwhile, everyone else is discussing Tammy and Kenya likely hasn’t been messy in 6 minutes so she mentions how Tammy (aka Olive Oyl) was dogging Sheree previously. Sheree spills the tea that Tammy may just be a jealous heaux and was sleeping with her ex-husband Bob.

After they get settled the ladies are going to dinner.  They get all dolled up and go into a special little set up in the restaurant.  The restaurant has some cute and cool presentation.  It would be a nice place to visit in Miami to get into something different.  It’s not your usual ish.  

So the conversation starts with Kim saying she’s a big girl now and can go somewhere alone.  She does admit that she cried when she left her 30 year old kids though.  Kenya then asks all about Cynthia and Peter.  Although this is a makeup trip for Cynthia, THAT AIN’T NUNYA BUSINESS!!  She done already told the world she don’t love him.  What more do we want? LOL


Because we knew it wouldn’t be long, Sheree calls out Tammy.  Tammy can’t really back up what she says and how she feels about Sheree.  Well…more like how KENYA said she felt about her.  Sheree asks her if she slept with Bob.  She says nah son…Bob aint cute to her (or anyone) like that.  Sheree says he mentioned that he slept with her.  Hmmm…wonder who is lying?

So Tammy is like “where is this coming from” – Sheree tells what she heard.  So then Porsha is like where you get that.  Sheree says Kenya…so Kenya back peddles. 

Kim is just not here for it.  She calls the foolery out like an old black granny who’s like “WHY YALL ARG’IN'”.


 She seems to be a decent neutralizer.  She’s a de-escalator.  Kenya is not hearing that.  Everyone else feels resolved but her.  Kenya feels the need to be all up in everyone’s feeling.  If someone is there to put out her fires, then her igniting doesn’t matter any more. 

Kenya is the FOREVER victim.  Why does she feel like Kim is comign for her?  She’s about to start ish with Kim. Let’s see how this plays off.  Kenya vs. Kim the NEW beef!


Everyone is all ready for a makeup boat ride.  The attire is thotfully nekkid.  And you know how Phaedra does it.  She will not be outdone.  Phaedra needs to turn up.  I love the dichotomy!!  Kandi says she can’t go on the trip to the boat because the heat is taking a toll on her.  She’s talking all through her teeth with a tremor like she wants to cry.  Girl I’d be soooo relaxed in that house alone while they were all gone.  I’d be in that pool fo’ 20 minutes and eating some good food.  Gotta be a chef round huh.


Everyone seems to be having a fun time on the cruise but Kim looks like she is not having it at all.  She’s not used to being outside yet alone with this crew who toes the line between full on ratchet and just out the ghetto with a splash of sophistication.

She's not used to being outside yet alone with this crew who toes the line between full on ratchet and just out the ghetto with a splash of sophistication. Click To Tweet

They are all about to eat.  Phaedra realized that Kim is gone.  She is outside the restaurant crying and her neck is going back and forth like Wanya from Boyz II Men hitting that note.   She really needs and\ intervention.  No joke right now.  She sees everyone having a good time and she wishes she can share it with her husband.  She can’t even have fun without feeling some type of way. 

We gon’ go ahead and need to solicit the prayer warriors. 

Phaedra breaks down the relationships to Kim.  She mentions that her relationship ain’t everything and Kim immediately is like omg i’m sorry.  But Phaedra takes the moment to have a real moment with Kim which is helpful to both of them I believe.

So Phaedra had a come to Jesus moment with Kim and they re-enter the restaurant with the crew.  Tammy rolls up with two guys.  She says one is her nephew and the other is her “new nephew”.  Is that code for her nephew’s man/boo thang/choosey lover?


 This girls trip sure got TURNT really quickly.  SHHIIITTT I feel like Kim’s breakdown may have been the prayer warriors we solicited telling her to go home.  But alas…she probably needs to be there with Phaedra and Cynthia (because she pretends to have sense occasionally). LOL

So they get on the boat to go home and Porsha suggests they play “Never Have I ever” …I swear she’s 19.

Then Kenya snaps at the nephew and he’s not here for it. UGH OH…tension arises.

AND WE’RE DONE…what a set up for next week huh.

What do yall think is going to pop off?  Who’s going to be the instigator? 

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