Real Housewives of Atlanta: S8 E12 “Beauties and the Beat”

We start off the episode with Todd and Kandi who are discussing the baby.  Todd, who is wearing a hat that’s tilted on his head in the house, is saying he doesn’t want to be on daddy duty that much.  He’s a trip.  He’s really green.  I hope he wised up before the baby came.  He’s acting a whole food.  You would think that this being the first baby he actually gets to raise that he’d be more excited or he’d want to be involved.  

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We then move on to Kim and her stylist shows up while she’s making coffee.  Is that coffeemate I see…girl you got International Delight money.

She’s talking about having a brunch.  She’s saying let’s have a beatless brunch because they may want to celebrate themselves without having to be dolled up.  I’m pretty sure Kim didn’t watch any of the previous seasons because these chicks had all the makeup on since season 1 when it came from walmart and walgreens. 

Kenya is texting and driving – 

Kim sends the invite via voicemail…it was kinda shady.  She was saying how they have to remember that makeup is to enhance beauty not be their beauty.  LADY…bye.  She’s trying to get the ladies to bond with her by being like her.  Find a better common denominator.  


Ayden is making cards for Apollo and stuff so he can send it to him in JAIL!  Ayden is a smart little boy.  I really wonder what he’s thinking about his dad being gone.  He seems to be handling it well.  

Later…Phaedra meets with her attorney to say she’s ready to start with the divorce.  They will be doing a parenting plan.  They begin to discuss whether Phae is ready to take the kids to jail.  She says she is more open to it but she doesn’t want them to go as young as they are now.  She says when they are older that’s fine.  She wants him to get transferred to make it easier.  I believe that has happened.

It’s so funny still that before this season, Apollo was SOMEHOW FROM JAIL all in the media saying that Phaedra was not allowing him to speak to the kids and such.  During this time, he’s talked to Ayden, emailed Ayden, gotten Ayden packages…boy…sit down in jail and act right.

Todd and Kandi are getting ready to meet with someone to help them get ready for the baby.  The lady asks to go to the nursery and the nursery doesn’t exist.


Todd begins to talk about the fact it’s his first time having a baby from scratch.  Did he refer to the baby like it was a culinary treat?  Just wondering.  Kandi is saying she only wants to breast feed for a couple of months because…probably because she doesn’t want to be bothered. I’m praying for this baby.  They posting all on the gram but what about after the pictures are taken.  I hope they did acquire a nanny…that isn’t Riley. 

We then go to Cynthia who is at her eyewear meeting.  She has more meetings for things than things she has going on.  I swear. But so does Porsha…


Anyway, she wants to do this commercial with Kim and Kenya and wants it to be on a beach.  Cynthia can’t afford to go to the beach just for vacation because Peter tricked off her money but if she can write it off she wins.

Cynthia can't afford to go to the beach just for vacation because Peter tricked off her money Click To Tweet

We have Porsha…she has the braids with all the baby hair.  Porsha can’t even think about her successes because she’s still caught up on the fact that her womb is empty.

Everyone is getting ready for the Beatless brunch.  Kim is making sure that her chef has everything together because she doesn’t want to be read.

They arrive at the brunch and EVERYONE has makeup on.  EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.  I do think possibly Sheree didnt have on any foundation but I think she had some lip product and mascara on.  She looked GOODt though!\

By then end of the brunch it became a semi battle royale between Kenya and Kim.  Kim is shady as hell.  I like the “maturity” she brings to the table but she’s super petty on the inside and is really feeling herself.  She about broke character from whoever she is playing to be on this show.

Even still…Cynthia asks Kim and Kenya to meet up to help with her commercial. 

Kenya doesn’t show up to the meeting because she’s with her boo Matt.  If she messes things up with his FINE self she just doesn’t want to be happy.

Kim is taking this opportunity to say she’s not trying to share the directorial credits with anyone.  

Cynthia seems beholden to having both of them do this commercial.  Although Kim is shady about ish, at least she showed up and brought ideas.


Who do you think will be the first duo/trio to get into an argument when the ladies land in Jamaica?






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