Real Housewives of Atlanta: S8 E10 “Trouble on the Family Tree”

Oh this is a night of unprecedented family drama huh.  Everyone’s extended family is going to be popping up for their time to shine.  I’m here for it…I think. 

I’m happy that Mama Joyce is acting cordial with everyone.  It’s glad to see that Todd’s mother’s passing brought her back down.  However, I still believe her advice is CORRECT now.  I just hope her delivery has truly been improved.  

She and Kandi are out shopping for the new baby.  You know the one that she cares about more than Riley.  (Look…she said it in her intro NOT ME).  Mama Joyce wants a crib at her place.  This surprises Kandi because she acted like Joyce wasn’t trying to be here for Riley as a baby.  Joyce a cold woman.  Snugly little babies make folks swoon.  It looks like Joyce is trying to be better with this baby.

So, Kandi just wants the crib to be stylish. She doesn’t care about anything else.  She’s a mess.  She says they will be upgrading the room anyway.  Still get a convertible bed, yo.  I thought she was supposed to be frugal.  Todd done got to her!! 


Kenya is going on the road trip with her family.  She explained the situation with how her mom doesn’t pay her any attention.  Her mother does not want any involvement and Kenya’s aunt doesn’t want any parts of it.  She won’t give her the number or anything.  This is how you know Kenya just really needs to cut her losses with her mother.  Even the most triflin’ of folks will pop back up when you “come up” in the world and make a little coin.  Her mother still is DENYING HER EXISTENCE.  That’s some stuff you just need to leave be.

Cynthia is at home in her closet and calls Noel in to help her find something to wear on this mystery date with Peter.  She has no life or friends!

She’s asking Noel about what she thinks about her giving Peter another chance.  WHY IS THIS YOUR CHILD’S BUSINESS?  Poor Cynthia.  I tried to feel sorry for her but…you know…nah I’m good.

From the confessional it seems that Leon is still giving her advice.  He’s likely tired of her flighty ways and is probably concerned that her nonchalant attitude is going to rub off on his daughter.  I don’t blame him.

Porsha is working out at the gym.  She’s all extra glammed up at the gym too.  I’d rather see them working out for real.  


Her sister arrives.  She mentions the fact that she’s single and her baby sister is knocked up and I roll my eyes again because we KNOW you are jealous Porsha.  It’s ok boo boo.  I’m sure it’s natural or something. 

They get into this whole messy argument.  Porsha is telling her sister that she needs to do her job.  I AGREE!  I mean I’ve never been pregnant before but it seems like EVERY time Porsha asks her sister to do anything that’s part of her job she says “I’m pregnant”.  If she’s like this now I see why Porsha is concerned because at 7 or 8 months she won’t be moving around at all.

Towards the end of the episode they make up over apples and caramel but it’s very apparent that Porsha is jealous and Lauren is not the best sister to Porsha.


Mama Joyce shows up to see Phaedra.  The conversation starts off awkwardly as Mama Joyce doesn’t really say why she’s there.  She brings up all this stuff between Phaedra and Kandi.  Then…baby…does Joyce low-key and high-key threaten Phaedra.  I’m just saying, she didn’t sound too friendly. What y’all think?

Then she goes on to ask Phaedra to help her plan Kandi’s shower.  I hope this helps their little friendship because I think theirs was one that was genuine.  But Kandi can’t see the forest for the trees, EVER.  We see how she’s dealt with things in the pass.  Phaedra may have to cut her losses with this friendship.

Now we come to the part where Bravo wants to humanize Kenya.  I’m actually not against it.  I feel for her.  When she’s not stiring trouble…she may be cool.  To semi psycho-analyze her, do we think she is a drama starter because of the attention she never got? Likely huh.


As they are riding around Detroit, her dad, who is just a big sensitive gentle giant, is explaining how her mother began ignoring her.  He says that Kenya’s mother’s father was not here for having any more “illegal” (he meant illegitimate) children in the family so Kenya’s mother dumped Kenya to the curb for her father’s approval.

Kenya busts up to her mom’s house to the shock of everyone on the van.  Her mom locks the door and shuts the blinds.  DAMN SON!


The reunion goes on anyway and it’s actually good to see Kenya around folks who truly love her.  This is the attention and feeling that she’s longing for and I hope she brings more of these folks around her.  Her favorite aunt (her mom’s sister) shows up and then leaves.  That hurts her.  I really think that her aunt is NOT good for her. 

I hope there’s more to it but as of now Kenya probably needs to leave all her maternal relatives alone.  She’s fighting so hard for their love and support when her father’s family is ready and willing to give it.


Do y’all like this softer side of Kenya?  

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