Ratchet Revival Vol. 2

Lately, have you not felt like the same urge to knuck if you buck…

have you been unmoved by the words “cash money taking over for the 99 and the 2000”


Is your side chick now your main chick cause you main chick aint feeling you no mo?

If this is you…you need a Ratchet Revival…VOL 2 of course (Vol 1 Found here)


– This is the song that you play when you realize that you’re a ratchet but you want to live the best ratchet life possible.  You got choices…make the best ones-

For Everybody

-When these hoes aint loyal isn’t clear enough but you still can’t let em go-

Me U & Hennessy

-When you want to be thotty but you want it to be a soft and sexy thotty-

Twerk it

-when you just need it to be exactly clear what you’re looking for.  a ratchet thotty instruction manual if you will-

Are your ratchet levels back up?


You Welcome!

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