Praise Santa!

I think you should do a play about what Christmas is really about. Christmas is about how Santa died for our gifts and rose from the dead and moved to the North Pole and because of that, every year Santa comes down to forgive us our sins and give us eternal presents. – Jazmine Dubois

Praise Santa!   I’m at this awkward state where it just doesn’t feel like Christmas.  I’m not here for any Jesus is the reason for the season replies.  Jesus is the reason for EVERY DAY for me and THAT’S another blog post.  Howsomeever…I’m talking about THAT CHRISTMAS FEELING.  You know the excitement, the anticipation, the cold, the joy, the fun, the lowkey shade, the disappointment, the gluttony…AAWWWLLLAAA DDDAAATTT.


But I’m over here and this is all I got for you:


I think it comes from a few places.  It’s not cold in Arkansas.  Cold = Chrimmus!  I’m older AND my sisters are old.  I’m a giver.  I like to receive but I’m Santa Claus.  I was never the kid that “believed”.  I was the kid setting up the presents with my mama and granny for my sisters.  Their excitement was what got me excited.  But now, they are old too.  They don’t have “lists” anymore.  One asked me the other day what I wanted and my mind was BLANK.  Who don’t want stuff?  Me, I guess.

I don’t have a boo thang or kids.  So…I aint Santa baby’ing (either interpretation) with anyone.  Well…I will be having Whitney Christmas with my LS’s kids when I get back in January.  You know the chirren she birthed FOR me.  (BTW…today is her BURFDAY!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHELLE).  That will be hype.  I can’t wait.  Alas, that’s like 3 weeks away and it doesn’t transfer to today.

PLUS…We aint even got no tree up.  *kicks over…wait aint no tree to kick over*


I’m about to start cooking.  I’m making a German Chocolate Cake, Pecan Pie, Peach Dumplings, Loaded Mashed Potatoes, and Breakfast tomorrow (Bacon and Spinach Quiche and Creme Brulee French Toast…hey I was only making one but my mama’s sick and she asked for BOTH…so BOTH will happen.  Plus Granny asked for the quiche too). Maybe that will make it feel like Christmas.

A Christmas Story comes on tonight.  Maybe I’ll drive around and look at lights (*pretending like i don’t live in a tiny town…i mean I’m from a tiny town.  Do I still get to say I live here or nah?*).

What are y’all doing to shake that Grinch/Scrooge feeling?

I leave you now with a quote from our confused Christmas Leader…

Nowadays people think HO HO HO means Nicole Richie standing next to the Hilton Sisters! But that ain’t no HO HO HO! I’m talking about the REAL HO HO HO!!! – Jazmine Dubois

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