Positivity Reigns – Blog Challenge Day 16

At the end of last year, I decided to be intentionally more positive.  This was not in some insane “always happy” type of way.  It was more of a don’t let bad things rule you type or way.

In this, I separated myself from people and their negativity.  If I kept questioning WHY I was friends with/followed/dealt with ABC or XYZ…they had to go.

You can’t let people make commentary or judgment on portions of your life that THEY don’t have to live with.  I believe you should strive to do what you feel is best for YOU and YOU alone.  Even if you have a family…doing what is best for YOU trickles down into you being your best self to do your best for them.


When I first got sick, I thought it was an “event” and didn’t know it would be a lasting thing.  No one really did.  However, I’m generally the type to roll with the punches.  I was more frustrated at first because I was looking for “the end”.  Once I really found out there was no “end”…after being kind of depressed as fuck for a while…i was able to move forward.  I never really had a “Why, me?” type mentality. That’s just not how I think.  Any of my frustration came with not being able to do what I had done before.  I was frustrated with myself not wanting to ask for help because…damn…I felt like I needed help with everything and that just felt weird.


Either way…I’m just of the mindset that you have to work with what you got.  You may have done things one way or envisioned things one way…but PLANS CHANGE.  LIFE HAPPENS.  You have to always be able to adjust.

When I got out the hospital the first time…I was so frustrated with the oxygen.  I was ready for it to go.  When I realized it was going to be here until who knows when…I immediately adjusted.  I don’t even notice it anymore.  I don’t look for ways to get away from it or hide it.  You get me and my overflowing o2.  I have my own personal source of oxygen and you will deal!  LOL

I came across the following pic on Pinterest today and was like HOW PERFECT!   So I’ll share it with you here.





See ya tomorrow!

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