Pinterest: Natural Hairstyles #TLN – Blog Challenge Day 23

We’ve established that I’m super lazy when it comes to doing my hair.  But I still have fantasies of doing fabulous things to my hair.  I mean, natural hair is super versatile right.  You can do a ton of styles to it.  You can smack it, flip it, rub it down, and awlla dat!

So of course, I have a pinterest board dedicated to fabulous hair.  “Natural Hair/Hey Hair” 


There are a ton of styles on there I want to try.  Here are a few:


This is one I’m going to get done by someone:


I was supposed to get it done last month but that didn’t work out.  I shall get it done soon though.


Ones I will attempt to do myself:

Twisted Knot


Three Strand Twistout


And last but not least…since I love the gift of curlformers that was bestowed upon me…I will be trying this curlformer bun.  I apparently SUCK at separating curls so this will save me the embarrassment!  LOL




Any other suggestions for styles I should try…or pin and gaze at and pretend like I’ll do…you know…the USUAL!


See ya tomorrow?

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