Pinterest: Home Dreams – Blog Challenge Day 27

My dream home gon’ be so fly, bruh! Stuff gonna be so sleekly designed and nothing is going to be out of place.

THE. COLOR. SCHEMES.  The color schemes will be whatever phrase means “On fleek” when you read this!!

The organization will be epic.  It will literally make you feel inadequate.   I ain’t gon’ live there though because I’d mess it up.  I’d like to think it’s gonna exist though.  Maybe a vacation home.  Maybe a presidential suite at a hotel I visit one day.  Nah nah…not that…this is gonna be mine.  Let me bless you with a look at some of my ideas for this LUXURIOUS DREAM HOME from my Pinterest board.


I’m not even gonna bother you with words.  Just look…and shit!


*click to enlarge*


See yall tomorrow!

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    Son! This is what I’m sayin!!!! Alla dis!!

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